Extended Abstract




An abstract is a short summary of research questions and results of the work, is at the very beginning of a scientific work and is usually only about half a page long. Some papers provide this in several languages at the same time, so that scientists from all over the world can quickly identify whether the work is relevant to them. When translating, it is important to ensure that the text is as understandable as possible without violating scientific standards.

Extended Abstract

An extended abstract represents a scientific work somewhat more precisely than a normal abstract and usually comprises 1 - 2 pages. Research questions, methods and results can be explained here in somewhat more detail. This type of abstract is often required for international conferences and symposia and therefore often has to be translated into different languages.

Proofreading (of academic texts by native speakers)

If you study at a foreign university, you often write your thesis there in the national language - an additional challenge, because academic language requires precise formulations and a high level of language skills. That is why it is extremely important to have your work professionally proofread by a native speaker in order to correct structural, grammatical and semantic errors.

Paper, Dissertation and Master Thesis

The translation of all kinds of theses is mostly relevant after passing. Excellent work with top grades in particular is then often requested in translation so that it can be made accessible to the international scientific audience (SSCI, SCI, AHCI, SCIE). The translation of master's theses and especially doctoral theses requires a high level of scientific and linguistic knowledge on the part of the translator and should therefore only be left to highly qualified people. Translation errors in scientific work can have serious consequences for further research in the respective field.

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The global importance of academic translation

All academic disciplines are constantly changing, with research and new ideas being developed on a daily basis. It is important that any contribution to the body of academic knowledge already available in any discipline is shared with academic peers around the world and for this to be done effectively, quality translation of academic documents is key. Linguation has successful experience of providing academic translation in a vast range of academic fields and can provide the top-quality translation of your theses, dissertations, articles for publication, textbooks, abstracts and conference materials, including presentations and hand-outs. Linguation offers numerous language combinations for the translation of academic documents, including into and from minority languages.

Linguation provides specialist translators in your specific academic discipline

At Linguation we appreciate how important it is to allocate the most appropriate native speaker to your academic document translation. We will assign a translator who has the relevant academic background and expertise to provide you with a top-quality translation of your academic text. Our professionals are up to speed with the relevant subject matter and will use the correct academic terminology and academic writing conventions in your translated document. Linguation has experienced translators in numerous academic areas, including physical sciences, medicine, social sciences, humanities, engineering, law and economics. We work with universities, private and public research centers and individuals. Let Linguation support you to effectively share your academic findings and contribute to the existing global knowledge in your field.

Linguation has a stringent quality assurance process

With specialist translations it is vital that the translator understands the subject matter and key concepts to ensure an accurate translation. Linguation will always allocate a native speaker professional with specific subject knowledge to your academic document translation. Moreover, our translators keep abreast of new ideas and research in their relevant discipline. At Linguation we go one step further to ensure a flawless translation. Our quality assurance procedure involves a second expert professional. This second expert translator will proofread your translated academic document to check for errors and misconceptions. Only after this stringent process will your completed translation be delivered to you by, or before, the agreed delivery date.

Simple and fast academic translations

When translating diploma or master theses, dissertations, technical articles or entire books, we pay close attention to academic writing conventions and guarantee you a punctual delivery of your translated documents. Linguation offers its academic translation services in many fields, including medicine, social sciences, humanities, engineering, law and economics, with the aim of providing a translation service of the highest academic quality.

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