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Up to date scientific translations

Hardly any field is developing as dynamically as science. New disciplines, discussion areas and terminology arise almost on a daily basis. With this high speed of development, a good scientific translation must be current and up to speed with latest research. For this reason, Linguation works exclusively with specialists in the field of scientific translations who have an appropriate scientific background. With our scientific translations, we operate at the highest level and work with, and for, colleges and universities. Due to our high standards, we can ensure that there is no loss of meaning or inaccuracy in the translation of your scientific text, and that translated work can also be understood, appreciated and deployed in the foreign language.

Quality assurance according to the 2 person principle

Science is the institutionalized production of new knowledge in our society. Therefore, in scientific translations, more than in other area, special precision, diligence and terminological wording is required. In order to meet the high requirements for specialist translations, experienced specialist translators with both the relevant linguistic and academic expertise are deployed. Quality assurance is carried out according to the 2 person principle. The translation is prepared by the specialist translator and is always proofread by a second translator before we deliver it to you.

Simple and fast academic translations

When translating diploma or master theses, dissertations, technical articles or entire books, we pay close attention to academic writing conventions and guarantee you a punctual delivery of your translated documents. Linguation offers its academic translation services in many fields, including medicine, social sciences, humanities, engineering, law and economics, with the aim of providing a translation service of the highest academic quality.

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