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Diplomas are often used throughout various disciplines to validate an individual’s level of competency in a specific career field. A diploma is a certificate issued by a higher education institution that attests to the completion of an individual’s academic studies or course of study. They are typically awarded after successfully graduating from a college, university, or any other recognized post-secondary institution. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the importance of diplomas and the role they play in supporting one’s qualifications and past educational background during the application or interview process. Our experts will work to deliver the professional translation of diplomas for every endeavour, and will ensure the successful outcome for all our clients.

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Documents or certificates that attests to one’s academic achievements must be handled by a professional translator with the knowledge of the academic field. Oftentimes, a diploma can contain information that is specific to the field, and requires an understanding of the intricacies associated with adapting its content. Linguation Online Translation Agency experts with the background in academia will be assigned to perform the translation of your diploma. They will be responsible for ensuring the correct adaption of specific terminology and key statements that are integral to supporting the claims made by the individual in regards to their academic qualifications. Furthermore, our experts will verify that the translation is rendered fit for its intended purpose by adhering to the requirements and guidelines set by the respective industry. They will work to effectively communicate the desired message to the target audience, and leave a lasting impact with the recipient of the document.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the personal nature of diplomas and certificates in regards to the client. As such, several measures will be implemented to ensure the protection of one’s personal information, and in preserving their anonymity throughout the translation process. Our intuitive online platform will enable the client to have direct access to the team of professionals responsible for their translation project. Only these individuals will have access to the client and their document for the duration of the service and ensure the strict level of confidentiality. Furthermore, they will apply Linguation’s strict two-step quality assurance system which will evaluate the draft text for any errors or ambiguous statements that can arise during the translation process. The final result will be a professional translation that accurately conveys a message that is consistent with the source document.

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