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Most countries have some form of official personal ID (identification) documents, issued by the government to prove a person’s identity and nationality. These personal ID documents often take the form of a small wallet-sized card. Passports are also a common form of personal ID, as are full driving licences. Other personal ID cards might be issued by universities, employers, professional associations and clubs. Most ID cards are fairly standard, varying only slightly in their content. Usually personal ID cards include a photo of the ID holder, along with personal information such as full name, date of birth, gender and nationality.

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There are many reasons you may need to get a translation of your personal ID. You may need to prove your identification for work or study reasons, to open a bank account, to rent a property or to hire a car. You may need a translation of your personal ID when applying for residency. Whatever the reason, you can count on us to provide a fast and high-quality translation of your personal ID at competitive prices. As your personal ID is an official document issued by your country’s authorities, you will more than likely require a certified or sworn translation of your document. That is, the translation will need to be carried out by an approved translator, who has the authority to stamp and verify that the translation of your personal ID is true and accurate. Linguation has certified translators in a wide variety of language combinations and can provide you with a certified translation of your personal ID, which is officially recognized even in court of law.

What is the procedure for getting a personal ID translation?

Personal ID documents are fairly standard in terms of length and layout and vary only slightly country to country. For this reason, Linguation is able to offer the certified translation of your personal ID at affordable prices. The price will vary according to language combination due to the availability of certified translators; some language pairs have fewer certified translators than others. Simply contact us online with your language requirements and we will quickly provide you with a competitive quote. We do not need sight of the original personal ID document. If you upload a good quality image of your personal ID to be translated via our website, our language professionals can work from the copy. Our proficient and experienced linguist will provide a certified translation in the same or similar layout as the original wherever possible.

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