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In many instances, various employers and government authorities will ask for numerous documents that attest to an individual’s past. Whether it concerns their personal history, or academic achievements, multiple documents will be used to assess the individual. A common document used for such endeavours is a criminal record, which provides a detailed account of an individual’s criminal history. Although the information stated in a criminal record will vary between countries and local jurisdictions, it will often list all non-expunged criminal offences such as speeding and drunk driving. In other instances, the document can contain information regarding an individual’s actual convictions, arrests, and charges pending. Criminal records are relevant for employers and government officials when conducting screening processes that will authenticate an individual’s trustworthiness, and approval to enter a foreign country. Linguation Online Translation Agency recognizes the important role a criminal record document has towards various application processes. Our experts will work to accurately represent the client’s criminal record in a clear and coherent manner, and support them in all their personal endeavours.

Criminal record translations from the experts in the legal industry

Documents that detail an individual’s personal history, such as a criminal record, must be handled by a professional with the knowledge of the translation requirements surrounding the respective industry. Linguation Online Translation Agency will delegate an expert with the experience in the legal field to facilitate the translation of the client’s criminal record. Our experts will work to find an equivalent legal terminology for key words used in the source document, to maintain the same meaning in the language of the target audience. They will adapt the contents of the document in a way that conveys the desired tone and impact as the original text. Our experts will always adhere to the legal requirements expected by every country and local jurisdiction, and certify that the translation has been rendered fit for its intended purpose.

Wide range of language pairs that will fulfill every translation requirement

Regardless of how minor or major a language may be, Linguation Online Translation Agency is happy to service clients with the availability of numerous language combinations that suit their specific needs. An expert with the linguistic understanding of the source language will work to adapt the contents of any document into the desired target language of the client’s choosing. They will utilize the correct grammatical structure and conventions in writing familiar to the target audience, to effectively communicate the desired message to the recipient of the text. Our experts will always maintain the same tone as the source document, and ensure that final translation is consistent with the context of the original text.

Translation of criminal records to be used by your local jurisdiction

When it comes to legal documents, it is important to consider that every country, and even the jurisdictions within a country, can have varied requirements and standards that are set for legal translations. This is often the case when it comes to evaluating criminal records. A criminal record is a document that states the history of a person’s criminal offences. Although the information stated within a record is widely varied between countries, in most cases it contains actual convictions. Oftentimes, a criminal record is used to assess an individual’s trustworthiness for a number of different cases, such as immigration, employment, adoption, and international travel. The criminal record in itself is a relatively simple document, however, it contains critical information that must be translated accuracy to avoid a rejection from any one of the cases stated previously. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we have built a history in translating legal documents that adhere to the strict requirement specified by your intended audience. Our experts have a deep understanding of the legal world and are fully capable of translating your document to ensure its success.

Verified translation of legal documents from the experts with the knowledge of the legal industry

Due to the diverse nature of criminal records, a precise translation of the stated context is crucial to suit the intended purpose of the text. Linguation Online Translation Agency has an extensive network of qualified translators with the specific educational background in the field of law. With their in-depth knowledge of the field, our experts will help guide the translation process of your legal document. The translation will be formatted to adhere to the requirements set by the local jurisdiction, and all industry specific terminology will be translated accordingly to suit the context of the written text. At Linguation you can be reassured that our experts are held to the highest level of professionalism and will always be impartial in the treatment of our clients; regardless of past criminal offences.

Legal translations held to the highest quality standards

Linguation Online translation agency believes in the fair and equal treatment of our clients, and will not discriminate them based on the offences stated in a legal document. Our experts have the highest level of professionalism to maintain the confidentially of your personal information and will only ensure the accurate translation of your document. You can be reassured that our native speakers are capable of translating your document into multiple languages to suit your preference. Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system is intended to identify and eliminate ambiguous statements that arise during the translation process, and correct the mistakes of the draft before being evaluated by an expert. The final step of the process will be assessed by an expert in the specified industry, who will check that the translation is an accurate reflection of the original source document. Only after it meet the requirements of our quality assurance system, will we deliver the finished translation. You can always entrust in our professional staff to work diligently and avoid mistranslations that could result in further legal issues.

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