Why is professional editing important?

Editing involves both the linguistic and content correction of a text. This involves the checking of spelling and punctuation, as well as the content and the general written style. Proofreading of all important texts is advisable, including seminar papers, theses or any other kind of academic work, newspaper articles, novels, product descriptions and contracts. Regardless of length , every document should be checked again for accuracy This applies particularly to translations, because there is an increased possibility of error when translating into another language, especially where the translation was not done by a professional translator, but by a layperson. It is good practice to have another person take a look at any document as experience has shown that applying the four-eyes principle allows minor errors that were previously overlooked to be detected. Our translation agency also offers professional proofreading in a wide variety of fields.

Editing by trained native speakers with expert knowledge

We ensure that our editors are of course fully qualified, have the appropriate training, are proficient in the latest techniques and spelling rules and depending on the text - also have the necessary specialist knowledge to check that the content of your document is correct. We provide this service for a wide variety of languages. Therefore, we guarantee that your document will be professionally proofread by an expert and will be technically and semantically flawless, without error.

What is the cost of editing?

In comparison to translation, editing is of course cheaper. Editing is however more expensive than proofreading, which does not involve checking the accuracy of the content. Length and language of the document are relevant in determining the price. The longer the text, the more time the editors need to edit. In addition, languages for which there are fewer translators available are also somewhat more expensive. Text type is also a consideration. Depending on the type of text, an expert in the field of medicine, law, science, technology, IT or marketing must be assigned so that the content can also be checked again and corrected if necessary. Upload the document you wish to be edited using our Linguation Price Calculator and you will receive an precise quote. You can then confirm your order immediately. In no time, you will then receive the professionally corrected version of your document quickly and easily by e-mail.

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