Power of attorney – an important legal document

Linguation is able to offer a high-quality power of attorney translation service. Power of attorney involves a legal document which allows a person to act on behalf of another. That is, it gives the authorization to represent someone in private, business, medical or legal affairs. As such, a power of attorney authorization is a very important legal document, requiring trust and careful attention to detail. One reason to set up power of attorney is the mental or physical incapacity of an individual. If someone is elderly or faces a serious health issue, power of attorney is often set up so the “agent” has the power to make financial or medical decisions for the other person.

Power of attorney – no room for ambiguity

A power of attorney document may need to be translated to be recognized in another country. Linguation can offer high quality translation of your power of attorney document. At Linguation, we fully appreciate the need for a correct and accurate translation of this important, legal document. Our translators are native-speakers of the target language and they pay close attention to detail when translating your power of attorney document. Moreover, Linguation will allocate a legal expert to your power of attorney document to ensure not just content accuracy but also the use of the correct and appropriate country-specific legal terminology. With the translation of a power of attorney document there is no room for ambiguity. Your translated power of attorney document will only be delivered to you following our stringent quality assurance procedures, giving you complete peace of mind.

Get a certified translation of your power of attorney document

A certified translation of your power of attorney document is likely to be required to be officially recognized by courts and authorities. Certified or notarized translation proves that an authorized translator has carried out the translation and proves that it is true and accurate to the original. Linguation has a team of certified translators in a range of language combinations. Our certified translators can provide a translation of your power of attorney document that is officially stamped and legally recognized in the target-language country. Our professional translators are experienced in the translation of powers of attorney documents. We can provide a quick turnaround for your power of attorney translation needs. Simply provide Linguation with a scan of the original document and we will quickly provide a quote. Linguation can provide you with translated power of attorney documents at competitive prices, without compromising on quality. Contact us today about a certified translation of your power of attorney document.

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