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Articles are utilized throughout multiple disciplines, whether it is for the purposes of reporting news or revealing research findings, its application is endless. An article is often a written piece of work that is published as an electronic or print medium. Its aim is to generate the interests of the reader, and often focuses on a specific topic or current event. They will also utilize several different images, statistics, or graphs to support the claims made in the article. Linguation Online Translation Agency is experienced in handling the translation of articles for various types of publications. Our experts will dedicate their time to adapt the contents of an article in a clear and concise manner.

Rely on the expertise of industry professionals to deliver the accurate translation of articles

Depending on the specific industry a client’s article will be used towards, Linguation Online Translation Agency will assign the appropriate team of experts to oversee the translation process. Our experts will possess the knowledge of the respective industry and utilize their understanding of the industry language to generate the text into the desired language combination. They will assess the source article for specific terminology and key concepts that will have a profound impact on the message being conveyed to the audience, and work to find its equivalent in the desired target language. Our experts are fully aware of the different set of requirements that exist for every industry, and will deliver an article translation that has been rendered fit for its intended purpose. They will adhere to the regulations and formatting requirements expected by the recipient of the text, and ensure that it is successful in supporting the client’s publication ambitions.

Strict security measures that will guarantee the protection of the client’s data

All documents undergoing a translation at Linguation Online Translation Agency will be kept secure and safe throughout the entire service process. Whether it is to protect a client’s intellectual property or their sensitive medical data, our dedicated staff will implement every measure to maintain the complete anonymity of the client. Only the team of professionals assigned to facilitate the client’s translation service will be given access to their respective document. This measure will eliminate the possibility of the information from being leaked to outside sources, and secure the client’s personal details. Furthermore, our intuitive online platform will allow the client and their translation team to get into direct contact with each other, should a concern regarding the service arise. The dedicated staff at Linguation will always maintain the client’s confidentiality throughout the duration of the translation process.

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