The establishment of the Polish language around the world

Polish is a language belonging to the group of West Slavic languages with a profound influence from Latin, Italic languages, and Germanic languages. Like many others, Polish has a standardized alphabetical system with the addition of vocabulary and grammatical structures that was borrowed from the German language; attributing to its own unique flair. Also known as Polski, Polish is roughly spoken by 50 million native speakers worldwide, and remains the second most spoken language of the West Slavic group. It is the official language of Poland and is among the recognized languages of the European Union. Today, Polish is widely prevalent throughout many different parts of the world. In Europe, it is the recognized minority language in Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine. But it was the results of emigration after the Second World War, that distributed Polish into the Americas, Brazil, Israel, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Linguation Online Translation Agency specializes in providing translations for a variety of languages. Our native speakers have a full understanding of the linguistic challenges associated with even the most difficult, such as Hungarian. Whether it is a widely recognized language like Chinese, or a less prominent language such as Finnish, Linguation will always find a suitable translator from our extensive network of speakers.

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With any translation, a mastery of the target language and an in-depth knowledge of the appropriate industry is a crucial requirement. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, our experts with the educational background in legal, medical, technical, and any other specialized disciplines will be responsible for your translation. In addition to accurately translating complex terminology, they will ensure that every word is appropriately used to convey the same meaning as the source document. They are kept well-informed and up-to-date with the requirements of the industry, and will apply those changes to ensure your document is fit for its purpose. Whether you require a translation from Polish to Swedish, or vice versa, Linguation experts are more than capable of successfully carrying-out a range of difficult texts in even the strictest industries.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, every translation starts with our secure online uploading platform. Our platform is available 24/7 and will calculate a personalized quote that is tailored to suit the services you require. Oftentimes, the calculation is based on the length and difficulty of the text, the specific industry, and the language required for the service. Linguation’s price calculator will always generate a fair price that is reflective of the level of service you will receive. Our two-step quality assurance system will check that every mistranslation and error is promptly corrected, and that the format of the translation adheres to industry-specific standards. This process will track the progress of your translation to ensure that it is always delivered on the promised date. Above all else, our biggest priority will be the maintenance of your personal information. Linguation will keep your document confidential, and will only give access to the translator we assigned to carry out the service. You can always expect a professional translation from the dedicated experts at Linguation.

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