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A payment statement, also referred to as a billing statement, is a monthly report issued by credit card companies, that detail the card holder’s activity or transactions. The statement serves to notify individuals of the recent purchases they have made, and information regarding the minimum payment due at the end of the month. Payment statements are crucial as they provide a breakdown of all the costs associated with a particular item or service, when it was made, the currency used to make the purchase, and other sensitive information regarding one’s finances. The experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency will work to produce an accurate translation of the client’s payment statement, and support them in all their financial endeavours.

Accurate translation of payment statements from the expertise of financial specialists

A financial document is a specialized area of translations that often requires the expertise of individuals with the appropriate knowledge of the industry. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, experts across various fields are available to support clients with all their translation needs. More specifically, we will assign a suitable team of experts to facilitate the translation of your payment statement. Our experts have acquired a level of proficiency in their field, and are familiar with the use of specific terminology and important statements used in the document. They will work to highlight these key factors in your translation, and ensure that the recipient of the text fully comprehends the message that is conveyed to them. Above all else, our experts will work within the specific guidelines and requirements set by the financial industry, which will render your translation as fit for its intended purpose. Our experts will work to guarantee the successful outcome of your payment statement translation.

Commitment to maintaining the privacy of our clients throughout the duration of every service

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand that documents can often contain personal information on a client that is rather sensitive in nature. Our experts value the privacy of our clients and will implement every security measure possible to maintain their anonymity throughout the duration of the translation service. Access to the client’s document and information will only be granted to the team of experts responsible for the translation. This process will restrict access to individuals who are not involved in the translation project, and clients will always be kept informed and updated on the progress of their translation. Our intuitive online platform will allow the client to stay in contact with the translation team, should they have any concerns regarding their document. As an added benefit, Linguation will implement a mandatory two-step quality assurance system to every service. This final editing process will verify that the translation is free or errors, adheres to the requirements of its industry, and that it is an accurate reflection of the source document. Our experts will always work to deliver a translation that conveys the desired message towards audiences of all linguistic backgrounds.

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