A large country with a large industrial base

Russia, or the Russian Federation as it is officially called, is the largest country in the world in terms of area, with Moscow the capital and its largest city. Russia spans two continents being situated in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The country has many oil, natural gas, and precious metal reserves, making up the majority of its total exports. Russian is the official language of this large country, of neighbouring Belarus and Kazakhstan and of Kyrgyzstan. There are 150 million native speakers of Russian and 110 million second language Russian speakers. Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is reported to be the second most widespread language on the internet after English. Linguation’s Russian translation service can take care of your translation requirements whether to or from Russian.

Russia – a vast country spanning numerous time zones

Russia is such a vast country, spanning both Europe and Asia it operates in 9 different time zones. Linguation’s online translation bureau means we can operate 24/7 and can fit in with office hours as needed. Our Russian translation bureau can provide our service when you need it; wherever your business is located, we have a vast team of translators working across various time zones. With our team of translators, we can meet your urgent Russian translation requests, providing an overnight or even same day translation. Linguation’s Russian translation service also offers a large variety of language combinations. You can get a competitive and quick quote for your Russian translation around the clock thanks to our online system.

Linguation can give your Russian translation a local feel

Linguation’s Russian translation service can help your business connect with the local people and help your business be successful. Our native speaking translators are fully aware of the local business culture and etiquettes. Our professionals will ensure that your marketing messages have a local feel and are not mistakenly offensive or misunderstood. Moreover, our team of Russian translators have experience across a vast number of industries and academic fields. Linguation can take care of all your business, legal, academic, medical and marketing Russian translation requirements. We will match the most appropriate translator to your document. We also have a team of approved sworn translators to provide certified Russian translations for any legal or personal documents.

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