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You may require translation of your academic paper or research report to allow you to share your work with an international audience. It could be that you require a translation of your paper so it can be published in a journal. Or perhaps you are presenting your paper at an international conference and need to get your paper, including the abstract, translated. At Linguation we appreciate the importance that your paper is translated to the highest academic level, not just in terms of content, but also in terms of style and coherence. Linguation will assign a translator with the relevant academic background to provide you with a flawless translation of your academic paper.

Editing and proofreading services for academic papers

At Linguation, translation quality is given top priority. Not only will we assign a native-speaking academic expert to the translation of your academic paper, we will allocate a second professional to check the translation for typos and spelling errors as well as misinterpretations and inconsistencies. This way you can be assured of a translation of the appropriate standard. Moreover, Linguation’s academic paper translation services include proofreading and editing. It is difficult to proofread one’s own work and our proofreaders are adept at ensuring you have an error free document. Furthermore, our professionals can help prepare your paper for publication or for your conference presentation through their skilful editing.

Linguation prides itself on offering a reliable and top-quality translation service at competitive prices. We can do this via our 24/7 online service and our global team of linguists. Simply upload your academic paper via our safe online system and get an immediate price quote. Payment can be made via a number secure methods. Once you confirm your order we will select the most appropriate academic translator for your paper. Our professional linguist will ensure that your academic paper is translated to the appropriate academic standards for your target audience. Let Linguation support you with the translation of your paper so that it can be accessed by scholars and academics around the world.

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