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Individuals and businesses often rely on the use of existing ideas to support their claims or arguments being made in an academic paper. Paraphrasing is a common method by which an individual will rewrite or interpret another author’s ideas through their own style of writing. It can be used as an effective tool that supports and reinforces a writer’s thesis, by delivering a specific statement without changing the meaning of the original text. However, if paraphrasing is used without changing the words of the original author it can be constituted as plagiarism. It is important that writers paraphrase sparingly throughout their paper and avoid using direct ideas or words from another source. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers paraphrasing services that will elevate any written content for both businesses and individuals. Our knowledgeable experts will ensure that all paraphrased texts are used in a responsible manner that supports a client’s written work.

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It is crucial that clients are aware of the challenges associated with paraphrased texts. Having a deep understanding of the source text and interpreting the same ideas using one’s own style of writing is a task that will require the services of an expert translator. Linguation Online Translation Agency will assign a trained linguistic expert to facilitate the paraphrasing process. Our experts will work to effortlessly integrate another writer’s ideas in a respectful manner that retains the same meaning of the source text using their own style of writing. Our experts understand the importance of intellectual property and will never plagiarize the work of another author. Their attention to the requirements of every paper will ensure that the appropriate citations are used to credit the ideas used to support their own paper.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, an extensive range of services are available for clients of all industries and linguistic backgrounds. Whether a client requires a proofreading service in French or the translation of marketing texts into English, we will have a solution that exceeds the requirements of every individual. Our experts can offer their knowledge on the specific requirements of their field and ensure that every translation is fit for its intended purpose. They will identify key concepts and terminology that are crucial to communicating the correct message to the audience, and ensure that it is accurately adapted into the desired language combination. Our linguistic experts will overcome all the challenges associated with language barriers and ensure that the recipients of the translation will fully comprehend the message being conveyed to them. They will precisely adapt the source document using grammar and conventions in writing that are unique to the target language.

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