What is a certified translation?

Have you been asked to provide a German certified translation of your document? A certified translation is often referred to as an official, sworn or notarized translation. A certified translation is often required for birth certificates, driving licences, academic certificates and references and other documents which may need to be legally recognised in a court of law. Linguation Online Translation Service provides professional German certified translation. Linguation has a team of officially approved certified translators. Our certified translators have the authority to officially certify and stamp your German translation. This certification proves that the translation is correct and officially approved.

How much will my certified German translation cost?

Linguation Online Translation Service has a large team of German certified translators and can offer German certified translation at affordable prices. Simply upload your document to the Linguation website and choose the option for a certified translation. Our price calculator will immediately provide you with a quote and delivery date for your German certified translation. You will then need to provide your contact details and choose your preferred payment method. Linguation offers the choice of PayPal, bank transfer and credit card. Once you have checked your details, read and accepted our terms and conditions and our privacy policy, you can confirm and complete your order. There is no easier way to get a quick and affordable German certified translation.

How does the online system work?

It is not necessary to send your original document when requesting a German certified translation. You can simply upload a copy of your certificate or document via our website. As long as the electronic copy is legible, Linguation will be able to provide a German certified translation. We will allocate a native-speaking professional translator. Linguation has rigorous quality assurance procedures and your translation will be checked by a second specialist translator before it is certified. On completion we will send you a copy of your German certified translation electronically; please be aware that this electronic copy is not officially recognised. The official certified and stamped hard copy of your German translation will be sent to you via mail to the postal address you provided.

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