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With our simple and fast Linguation price calculator, you can calculate the price of your certified translation in an instant. Just upload the document you want to translate and you will immediately receive a non-binding quote and the fixed delivery date. The next step is to commission the translation and track the status of the document online at any time with our translation tracking system. As soon as the translation is complete, you will receive the translated document in electronic form by e-mail and a hard copy of the certified translated document within 2 to 3 days by post.

Linguation will cover the cost of postage.

Certification of important documents

To start studying, or to start a new job or an internship abroad, you usually need a whole series of documents. In order to be recognized, they often have to be translated into the local language or at least into English. However, as these are important documents issued by state institutions, educational establishments, or previous employers, a simple translation is not enough. Such cases require a certified translation, which may only be issued by authorized translators.

Individual quotation

Just as the documents to be translated vary in scope and degree of difficulty, so do the prices for the corresponding translation. Also taken into account is the target language required for common languages such as English or Spanish there are more qualified translators than for less frequently used languages such as Dari or Latvian, where translation is usually more expensive.

When calculating the price of certified documents, the following factors play a role:

  • Language
  • Content
  • Subject or degree of difficulty of the text
  • Complexity of formatting
  • Desired delivery date (for example, express translation)

A good translation agency calculates the price of a translation per word or line of the original text. This is usually calculated with a standard line, which contains 50 to 55 characters - including spaces. It does not simply count the lines of the original layout. This would be unfair if, for example, the document has many headings that contain fewer than 55 characters but are still calculated as a standard line. Instead, the translator divides the number of characters in the entire document by a factor of 55. This results in the number of standard lines, which are then multiplied by the line price.

Fixed Pricing

Linguation also offers fixed prices for standardized documents such as driving licenses, school leaving certificates or police certificates, which vary only slightly in scope and content.

High school diploma 110,00€
Vocational school diploma 79,00€
Bachelor / Master / Diploma certificate 52,00€
Driver's license Germany 49,00€
Driver's license USA 49,00€
Birth certificate Germany 48,00€
Marriage certificate Germany 48,00€
Birth certificate 52,00€
Marriage certificate 57,00€
Registration card 57,00€
Decree of divorce / divorce decision / divorce certificate 54,50€
Commercial registration document 52,00€

Where can I have my document certified?

At competitive prices, Linguation Online Translation Agency offers certified translations for all types of documents. Simply upload your document to the Linguation website and receive a quote and delivery date for your certified translation. There is no easier way to a fast, cheap and professional translation!

Do I have to submit the original document?

No, the original document does not need to be sent for an officially certified translation. The document to be translated can be scanned or legibly photographed. The certified translation will then be sent to you by post.

Guarantee of quality

  • Professional translators (Translation only by native speakers of the target language)
  • Two-stage quality control by trained personnel
  • Free editing service

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