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Professional legal translation for businesses

Throughout different industries, legal documents are a prevalent factor for conducting business affairs. These documents can include topics on court decisions, trial records, criminal records, legal notices, and many more. More specifically, a legal translation is the translation of documents to be used for the purpose of legal affairs. Linguation is experienced at providing high-quality legal translation services for every industry. As a business operating with foreign counterparts, suppliers and customers you will need to make sure that your contracts, terms and conditions, copyrights and patents are fully understood in the target language. Any ambiguity or mistranslation could be both time-consuming and costly. Linguation can take care of all your business legal translation needs in a wide variety of language combinations. As well as linguistic knowledge, we will ensure your legal translator has a thorough knowledge of the legal systems in both the source and target language countries to ensure a correct and fit for purpose legal translation.

Quality translation of personal legal documents

Legal translations can extend beyond the needs of industry to suit the requirements of an individual. Linguation provides high-quality legal translations that can be utilized during your personal legal proceeding. Our translators have acquired the vast experience in the legal industry to translate your personal documents, including wills and power of attorney documents. At Linguation we understand the importance of the sensitive nature of personal information and you can be assured that every translation will be held to the highest standards across various language combinations. The translation of any legal documents, more often than not, requires a certified or sworn translation for it to be recognized in a court of law or by the relevant authorities. Our team of certified experts have the professional credentials to translate and certify your legal translation to ensure that it is correct and accurate.

Experts with experience that go beyond a linguistical understanding

When it comes to an accurate translation of legal documents, a mastery of the source and target languages are a requirement. Having the ability to understand one text, and finding a correct translation for the other is only one aspect that goes into a translation. At Linguation, our experts understand the writing conventions that are unique to every individual language. Their linguistic capabilities go beyond a simple word-for-word translation. Linguation experts have a profound knowledge of key literary devices, that will help your translation convey a meaningful message in a fluid way. They will ensure that the tone is clear and expresses the same intended message as the original document. We will always tailor every legal translation to ensure that it is fit for its purpose towards a specific target audience.

Confidential and reliable legal translation services

At Linguation we appreciate the confidential nature of your legal documents and you can be reassured that the translation of your patent, will or business contract is kept secure throughout the translation process. Our online system allows you to safely upload your legal document 24/7, where it will be assigned to a linguist with the appropriate experience. Moreover, our two-step quality assurance process will ensure that a second professional will expertly check your translation for accuracy and suitability for the target audience. Only when we are totally satisfied with the translation of your legal document can you expect the delivery of the translation on the agreed upon date. Linguation is always dedicated to providing exceptional translations that will aid in both your personal and business legal affairs.

Fair calculation of prices suited for individual documents

At Linguation, we believe in providing a personalized quote for the services you require. We understand that not all documents are the same, and that they must be evaluated separately from one another. Our calculations will be based on a number of key factors: the level of difficulty of the text or content, the overall length, industry-specific requirements, and the type of language that is required for the translation. The costs can vary depending on the amount of time required for the document, and finding a suitable expert to perform the translation. Oftentimes, the type of language can be a determining factor for the costs required of a service. A difficult language such as Hungarian, is a less frequently spoken language in comparison to English. This can make finding a suitable expert more difficult and in turn may drastically alter the price calculation. Linguation is dedicated to offering an individualized quote that is reflective of the services required for a translation. Our experts will always guarantee an agreeable price that will leave a positive lasting impression with our customers.

FAQ Legal Translations

At Linguation it is our main priority to protect and secure your personal data. Only the expert who is tasked with translating your document will be responsible for the data stated within.

With our secure online platform, you can safely upload your document and receive on instant quote. With multiple stamps from verified partners, you can be rest assured that our website is constantly checked and maintained.

You can easily check the status of your translation through our online website. Simply type in your order number under ‘Translation Tracking’ to check the current translation progress.

Linguation experts have the knowledge in the field of legal to professionally translate your document. We will ensure that the target audience fully understands the translation by adhering to strict format requirements, and using the correct terminology.

You may be required to authenticate your original document for the validity of the information stated within it. However, Linguation does not offer notarization services. You can be reassured that the document will be translated precisely and accurately to be used in your legal case.

I did not expect Linguation to be such a professional and reliable translation agency. I am glad to have found a translator for my legal texts.
As a law firm we have already tried different translators. None were as reliable and professional as Linguation. We are very satisfied.
Linguation provides a comprehensive range offer for the translation of legal texts. Simply a great online service. I particularly like the tracking system for my translations.
When translating legal texts, the correct translation of terminology is particularly important for our company. Linguation has always mastered this challenge to our complete satisfaction.

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