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An agreement, commonly referred to as a contract, is a legal document that details the term and conditions of the arrangement made between the parties involved in a settlement. Agreements are used towards a wide variety of legal procedures, whether it is a business agreement or a rent agreement, they define the rights and duties granted to each signatory in the document. If a legal issue should arise between the individuals, the agreement can serve as a form of evidence to corroborate the claims made in a legal proceeding. Linguation Online Translation Agency is committed to servicing clients with the professional translation of agreements. Experts with the relevant experience and knowledge of the legal field will work to generate an effective translation that will support the client with all their endeavours.

Precise translation of agreements

Agreements have a wide range of application for a number of different objectives. It is crucial that the elements of the document are accurately represented in the language of the target audience. The legal experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency are adept in performing the translation of agreements and contracts for every endeavour. The team assigned to facilitate the translation service will be responsible for highlighting the key elements of an agreement and conveying it in a coherent way for the recipient of the text. All specific terminology will be adapted in a way that fits the context of the document, so as to maintain the same message and impact as the source text. Our experts will adhere to the requirements and regulations set by the respective industry, and certify that the translation is suitable for use within its intended field.

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we are aware of the severe consequences an individual may face with a poorly translated document. We will implement all the necessary quality assurance measures to ensure that the client’s time and efforts are not wasted. Our stringent two-step quality assurance process will check that the final translation is free of errors, revise any ambiguous statements that are inconsistent with the source text, verify that the translation adheres to the correct requirements of its field, and certify that it is an accurate portrayal of the original document. This intricate process guarantees that the final translation is tailored to the specifications of the client, and will certify that it is successful in fulfilling its intended purpose.

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