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Students graduating from a higher education institution will be awarded with official documents pertaining to their past academic achievements. Throughout Europe, standardized documents such as a diploma supplement will often accompany the recipient’s diploma. It serves as an official document that provides a detailed description of the student’s educational background and testifies to the completion of their studies. The standardized nature of diploma supplements has made it relatively easily to translate an individual’s qualifications across the EU. Linguation Online Translation Agency recognizes the importance of diploma supplements, and will support students with the professional translation of their academic documents. Our extensive network of sworn translators will provide a comprehensive translation of all official documents and ensure that it successfully fulfills its intended purpose.

Official translation of diploma supplements from sworn translators

Documents to be utilized in the fields of legal or academia will be placed in the capable hands of sworn translators at Linguation Online Translation Agency. We will assign a suitable team of accredited professionals to ensure the successful adaptation of your diploma supplement. They will be responsible for certifying that the contents of the document are true, and that it possesses the necessary stamps and seals that certifies the authenticity of the document. Our experts will always adhere to the strict translation requirements of the respective industry, and certify that it is suitable for use within its field. They will identify all key statements and terms that will have a significant impact on the overall message being conveyed to the audience, and work to find an equivalent translation that maintains that message across various language combinations. Our experts will always certify that the translation is an accurate representation of the source document.

Commitment to delivering quality translations for every endeavour

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, every service will be tailored to meet the demands of the client and the requirements of the document’s intended field. We understand that no two documents are alike, and that they must be attended to separately by the experts with the knowledge of its industry. They will adapt the contents of a document into the desired language combination, and implement a final two-step quality assurance measure to verify that the translation maintains all necessary words and statements, adheres to the requirements of its field, and that it is an accurate reflection of the source document. Only upon the successful completion of this process will the final translation be delivered to the client in a timely manner. No matter how tight a deadline may be, Linguation experts will work to effectively communicate the desired message to the target audience and guarantee the successful outcome of the translation.

Top-quality translation of your diploma supplement

The diploma supplement was introduced in 2005 as part of the Bologna Process. Higher Educational (HE) establishments issue a diploma supplement on successful completion of a HE qualification. The diploma supplement was introduced to provide transparency and recognition of qualifications across European Countries. Using a standard format, diploma supplements provide clear and concise information about the qualification holder and details about the major subject and course content, plus the level of qualification. The diploma supplement allows easier comparison of qualifications across European countries. Linguation can provide a translation of your diploma supplement, which you may need for a potential employer or for an HE provider if you are hoping to further your studies abroad.

Linguation provides certified translation of your diploma supplement

Personal documents, such as certificates and diploma supplements, often require certified or sworn translation for them to be officially recognized by educational establishments. Certified translations are carried out by a translator with the authority to officially attest the correct translation of the original document. At Linguation we have certified translators available in numerous language combinations. Linguation will assign a certified native speaker translator to your diploma supplement. Once translated, we will provide you with an electronic copy of the translated diploma supplement as well as a stamped hard copy of your certified translation, delivered to the address provided on ordering.

Linguation offers a quick and easy online system for your diploma supplement translation

Getting a translation of your diploma supplement could not be easier. We do not need to see the original. Simply upload a quality image via our safe and secure online system and you will receive a quick price quote. Linguation offers competitive prices for the translation of diploma supplements. Diploma supplements are fairly standard documents in terms of format but the cost of translation may vary depending on the language combination. More uncommon language combinations may cost slightly more due to the decreased availability of an appropriate certified translator. Linguation’s online system offers a selection of secure payment methods. Once you confirm your order, translation can begin. For your added peace of mind, you are able to track your order from translator allocation, through the translation and quality assurance process, to dispatch and delivery; Linguation prides itself on meeting deadlines.

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