After uploading your document and selecting your desired language pair, the price and delivery information will be displayed immediately. After you have made your payment and entered your details, your translation will be started and sent to you by the scheduled delivery date by e-mail. For more information, see How It Works.

After the word or character count of your document has been ascertained, the system calculates an automatic delivery period, depending on the language pair and the suitability of the translator.

Let us take care of your requirements. You can send us your requested delivery date via or via live chat. Depending on the size of your document, your request will be assessed and sent back to you within an hour.

Once your translation is complete, it will be sent to your email address. If you have ordered a certified translation, we will send you the certified translation by post without additional shipping costs.

It may be that you have comments that are important for the translation of your document or that you explicitly want to communicate the terms you use to the translator. For example, if a presentation is being translated, you may not want the notes section at the bottom translated. After completing your order, you can easily contact us for these matters through the Translation Tracking System.

In such cases, you can contact us through the contact page to avoid interrupting your order process. The problem in the system is then resolved by our team as soon as possible. We thank you for informing us in such cases.

You can upload your file to our system regardless of the format. In cases where the number of words and characters for pictures and similar files cannot be calculated electronically, the system will ask for your email address. In such cases, you can also complete your order within one hour (09:00-18:00) via e-mail.

We're constantly improving our system to get a flawless result on the word and character count in your file.

If the amount of characters cannot be calculated electronically, problems can arise. For example, it may be necessary to update the pricing and delivery information provided for a diagram or image. In this case, we will contact you to let you know as soon as possible and before beginning the translation.

If you feel that there is a difference between the system’s word count and your word count please let us know by emailing

A coupon code is a discount voucher that you can receive in our campaigns, on Facebook or from various platforms. You can easily redeem your coupon code during the order process.


Comprehensive translation requires more than just the ability to speak a language. Someone who knows a language well is by no means a competent translator. That is why we pay particular attention to the careful selection of translators who have extensive expertise in their field. Your translation request will firstly be reviewed by our translation coordinator and then assigned to an appropriate translator for the particular field.

Before appointing a new translator, candidates first complete a test translation to ensure their suitability. In addition, after each translation our translators are reviewed using team and customer feedback.

Of course, if you work in a long-term project with a single translator, the result of the translation will always be better than if different translators with different styles are working on it. Since we are aware of this, in such cases we work with the same person whenever possible.

You can tell us the issue or reason you are not satisfied, and you can request a translation revision. Your translation will be reworked for you free of charge and redistributed to you.

You can have your translation certified by us. After completing the translation, we will send the certified translation of your document by post to the address provided.


It is possible to forward us the updated version without waiting for the completion of the initial translation. Please note that this may change the price and delivery date.

You can see the status of the order to the beginning of the translation, follow the translation or visit your account. To cancel your order and get a refund, you can contact us at any time. Once your translation has started, you can cancel your order without refund.


Don't worry. Your files will not be shared with third parties or organizations, except the translators and language specialists. Please also see Privacy page regarding processing personal data and data protection.

As per our contract, the sharing of files with our translators is solely intended for translation purposes. Our translation contract also states that no information may be shared with third parties.

You can make your payment by bank transfer, invoice, PayPal or credit card.

Our site uses an international 128-bit SSL encryption system. Your information is in not stored on our system and cannot be viewed by employees or third parties.

Your invoice will be issued to the billing address you provided when ordering and will be sent to you by e-mail within one week of the translation.

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