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Individuals will often provide a written consent from a physician or qualified medical professional to validate the conditions affecting their health. A medical certificate, physician’s letter, or sick note are all synonymous terms that describe a document which attests to the results of a patient’s medical examination. They typically serve to verify an individual’s eligibility to the benefits made on their insurance claim. Furthermore, they can be used for the purpose of exempting an individual from activities that could negatively impact the condition of their health. Medical certificates are important documents that must be precisely adapted to ensure the well-being of the patient. Linguation Online Translation Agency understands the complexities involved in translating medical documents. Our experts will conduct the translation with the utmost accuracy and find a solution the suits the intended purpose of the document.

Experts with the qualifications to conduct the translation of medical documents

Documents that concern the health of an individual must be treated with the utmost care and diligence. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers an extensive network of professional translators from a wide range of industries. We will delegate the appropriate expert with the knowledge of health science and medicine to facilitate the translation process. Our experts have a full understanding of the complex terminology and strenuous requirements associated with translating the document into a foreign context. They will certify that the contents of a medical certificate is preserved in the final translation, to ensure that the document elicits the same response from audiences across multiple language variations. Our experts will ensure that the translation is an accurate representation of the source document and is effective in communicating the desired message to the audience.

Commitment to maintaining the privacy and security of personal information

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we value the privacy of our clients and their personal information. Our professional staff and team of experts will implement several measures to ensure the protection of data throughout the translation process. Sensitive information regarding the client’s document will only be given access to the team of experts responsible for the translation. They will work diligently to find a solution that will tailor the translation to the needs of the client and exceed their every expectation. The experts at Linguation are always held to the highest standards in producing professional translations that will fulfill every purpose. We take full responsibility in ensuring the success of a translation, and will guarantee that the text is an accurate reflection of the source material.

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