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Fast and high quality medical translations

Above all else the translation of medical texts must be absolutely accurate, as they concern the health of people. With these texts, it is particularly important that the translators are thoroughly familiar with medical terminology; the correct terminology is vital to ensure proper medical care in every country. No matter where in the world you need your medical translation, Linguation offers this service. As a professional translation agency, we provide medical translations for healthcare facilities such as pharmaceutical companies, clinics, medical centers, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmacists and academics. Linguation is your professional translation agency for medical translations. We offer a translation service that delivers your translation on time and to the highest quality.

We translate every medical text reliably for you

In the field of medicine, there are numerous different types of texts, including surgical reports, medical articles, instructions for the use of medical products, case discussions, medical reports and remittances. Whether you need a translation of your document in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish or any other language, we are your reliable and professional translation agency that you can rely on for medical translations. Thanks to our translation network and our online platform, you can order your translation 24/7. We will deliver your medical translation to the highest quality.

High quality medical translations

Linguation offers medical translations to the highest quality standards. We can guarantee this standard thanks to our large network of specialist translators. Furthermore, we can offer you this high quality due to our final professional proofreading and quality control. This final scrutiny is performed by a medical translator and ensures a high quality medical translation. We offer a 24/7 online translation service to translate your medical text professionally and quickly.

Guarantee of quality

  • Professional translators (Translation only by native speakers of the target language)
  • Two-stage quality control by trained personnel
  • Free editing service

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