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The importance of proofreading

Even the most experienced translators occasionally make mistakes. With longer documents in particular, it is difficult to work completely error free. Proofreading and editing are important services Linguation provides to ensure both content and target language accuracy, particularly where a text is for publication.

The four-eye principle is applied: Our proofreader reads your document with a fresh pair of eyes to spot errors. He or she checks your translation focusing on the communication of the source text message and the accuracy of the target language. Use of special terminology databases and translation memory systems ensure the correct and consistent use of terminology.

Proofreading prices

The price of proofreading varies according to the subject matter, level of translation difficulty and the required language combination. It could be that a specialist proofreader with the appropriate background knowledge is required. Linguation will assign a suitable proofreader for the best possible price.

Where can I get proofreading?

Linguation applies the same high standards to proofreading as it does to translating and only assigns carefully selected professionals with extensive experience in the relevant field, as well as the necessary language skills.

Linguation has a wide network of professional proofreaders who can proofread your translation quickly and inexpensively. Simply upload your document to our price calculator and get an instant quote and have peace of mind!

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  • Free editing service

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