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A certificate is an official document which serves as evidence to confirm the information stated within it to be true and valid. Certificates are used in many specialized fields to accredit one’s: legal requirements, academic achievements, record of personal information (birth, marriage, or death), and the results of a medical examination. If certificates are to be submitted to a government authority, institutions of health and education, or court of law, they must be certified by publicly appointed and sworn translators. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, our network of certified translators can administer a certification for your specified document. Our dedicated experts will relieve your translation burdens and take care of the complexities associated with official certificates such as certificate of qualifications. Please bear in mind that a notary will be required to authenticate your document to be used in any legal procession; a certification does not imply notarization.

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Official certificates are a complex matter that must be dealt by professionals and oftentimes require a notable company or individual with a proven track-record. Experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency have the knowledge and understanding of local jurisdictions of the intended country, and will ensure the successful submission of your document. Our specialized Linguation Price Calculator will provide an individualized assessment of your document and offer an accurate quote that is reflective of the requirements for the certification. The price of each assessment is dependent on the document length, type of industry, level of difficulty, and the specified language required for the intended audience. All these factors will ensure the fair and accurate price for each document certification. Our accredited team of expert translators have the knowledge and authorized qualifications to assist you on the professional, and accurate translation of your certificate.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the stress of finding professional certified translators and the associated time it takes for delivery. Delegate your business to our team of native speakers with the expertise in your designated field, who are fully sworn to issue a certification of your document. Linguation’s translation tracking system, via our online platform, will provide a fixed date of delivery and update you on the current progress of your text. You can be reassured that our two-step quality assurance system will adhere to the requirements of the country where your documents need to be submitted, and check that all translations are an accurate depiction of the original document. Once the translation has been successfully completed, your certified translation will be delivered by email and by post. Linguation is dedicated to excellence and will guarantee the best translation solution for your business.

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