What is a transcript of records?

Linguation can proficiently translate your transcript of records. A transcript of records is a document which lists academic courses taken and examinations passed, including credits gained. A transcript of records is often needed when transferring between universities, including if you are transferring as part of an exchange programme, such as Erasmus. You may be required to provide a transcript of records when joining a host university to document your previous study. You may also be required to provide a transcript of records on return to your home university. A future employer may also require you to provide a transcript of records. A transcript of records typically documents courses studied, along with course codes, duration of study, examination results and corresponding credits, such as ECTs credits. If necessary, an explanation of the credit system is given.

It is important that your studies abroad are recognized

When studying at a university in a different country and with a different language, it is likely that you will need a translation of your transcript of records for either your home or host university or for an employer. This is not a problem; Linguation provides transcript of records translation in numerous language combinations. At Linguation we appreciate the importance that your studies abroad are appropriately recognized. Our professional and native-speaking translators are familiar with the relevant education systems in both the source and target language country. Our translators are proficient at ensuring that your transcript of records is accurate and fit-for-purpose in the target language. Linguation will ensure that your hard work is correctly documented and rewarded and that you get the ECTs credits you deserve.

Certified translation of your transcript of records ensures that it is officially recognized

You can trust Linguation to provide a quality transcript of records translation. Please be assured that we will assign an experienced translator proficient not only in the target language but in the translation of academic documents. Thanks to our stringent quality assurance procedures, Linguation will provide a translated transcript of records which is accurate and with the same or similar layout as the original. Should you wish your transcript of records to be certified, that is stamped to prove that the translation was completed by an accredited or sworn translation, this can be easily arranged. Linguation has a large team of certified translators, skilled in the translation of transcripts of records. Contact Linguation with your specific language combination requirements and get a competitive quote today for your certified transcript of records translation.

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