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Academic Translations

Linguation provides a professional and reliable translation service for various disciplines including medicine, social sciences, engineering, law, economics and humanities. Your translation is carried out exclusively by trained specialist translators. Our goal is to provide you with a translation service of the highest quality. The price does not vary, regardless of whether it is a scientific, legal, technical or product translation. Linguation gives you the opportunity to upload your required translation 24/7. In addition, we offer a professional translation in a variety of language combinations, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and or Turkish. We are a reliable translation agency that is capable of high-quality, fast translations of academic texts. For detailed information, click here.


Legal Translations

We can take care of all your legal translation requirements, regardless of whether they are contracts, court decisions, legal texts or regulations. Through our large network of translators and an optimized translation process, we are sure to guarantee a reliable and high-quality service of all your legal documents. Moreover, our 24/7 online uploading platform will give you access to request a legal translation at any time that is of convenience for you. For detailed information, click here.


Technical Translations

We offer a reliable online translation service for all your technical translations. Contact us if you need assistance in the translation of technical content. We will work towards a fixed delivery date by providing a translation that is fast and accurate. Our professionals can translate any document into a variety of languages by always using the correct terminology and exemplary writing conventions. When it comes to translating technical matter such as user manuals, reports or other technical content, Linguation is there for you. As an online translation agency, we will specifically tailor to your needs and deliver a quality service that exceeds our standards. For detailed information, click here.


Medical Translations

Linguation offers medical translations to the highest quality standards. We can guarantee this high standard through our large network of specialist translators. In addition, we provide proofreading services that will check for the accuracy of every translation. This final check is carried out by a medical translator, who will always ensure a high-quality medical translation. Whether you require the translation of medical articles, case discussions, descriptions of medical products, remittances or medical reports, feel free to contact us. We offer a 24/7 online translation service to professionally translate your medical text. For detailed information, click here.


Marketing Translations

When it comes to marketing translations, Linguation is the right choice. Whether you require the translation of texts, content or magazines, - we wi'll take care of it for you. Many digital companies need help translating the content of their online marketing page. We tailor to your needs and offer a large network of professional translators in the marketing industry. They will utilize the right keywords for you, to ensure that you can effectively communicate the correct message to your customers. Unlike other translation service providers, we do not concentrate solely on your translation, but also on the marketing concepts related your products or services. For detailed information, click here.


Localization / Website Translations

The translation of web pages is a specialized translation field, which requires professionalism and knowledge about the technicalities of web pages. Linguation offers this website translation service and associated localization for specific countries. Whether you are an individual or an institution, you will always be left satisfied with our exceptional service. In order to reach a larger number of potential customers and to increase your sales revenue, we offer a reliable and fast translation service. Through our 24/7 online uploading platform, you can request an order for the translation service you require. You can always benefit from our large network of trained translators. For detailed information, click here.


Choose the package that fits your budget

We offer various translation packages that are tailored to suit your needs at reasonable prices. If you require a general translation that is simple and accurate, opt for our "standard package". However, if you require a professional certified translation, the "professional package" would be better suited to meet for your requirements. Contact Linguation for the professional translation of any specialized document.

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Our greatest concern is always ensuring the satisfaction of every customer with our professional translation service. We work exclusively with native speakers who specialize in specific areas (scientific, medical, legal or technical translations, certified translations).

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality translation service, tailored to your needs. Please be assured of the quality of our translations.

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