Reasons to get your passport translated

Your passport is an official document issued by the government of your country of citizenship, which you will need to certify your identity and to allow you to travel to and from other countries. Linguation is able to provide you with a reliable and professional passport translation service. You may need to get a translation of your passport for a number of important reasons. If you start a new job or set up a bank account abroad, you may need a translation of your passport to prove your identity and to verify your citizenship. You may also need to get your passport translated when applying for overseas citizenship. It is important to bear in mind that other documents may need to be submitted in support of any passport or citizenship application and these documents may also need to be translated. These could include your birth or marriage certificate and perhaps that of your mother or father.

Certified translation of your passport is provided by Linguation

Linguation can provide the all-important certified translation of your passport and any supporting documentation to ensure that these are recognised by the relevant authorities. Authorities in most countries require the translation of a passport to be a certified, sworn or notarized. That is, the translation of the passport must be carried out by an officially authorized, certified or sworn translation. This is not a problem. At Linguation, we have a team of certified translators in numerous language combinations to meet your individual passport translation requirements. We will assign a translator who is officially authorized and able to certify the translation of your passport so that it is recognized by the relevant authorities and institutions, including courts of law. Get your passport translated by Linguation and you can be assured that your passport translation is accepted and approved. Furthermore, all our translators are qualified, native-speakers of the target language, guaranteeing a certified passport translation of the highest quality.

How our passport translation service works

Linguation offers a straightforward solution to getting your passport translated. We do not require the hard copy of your passport, or indeed, any supporting documents or certificates to be translated. Simply provide us with a high quality scan or image of your passport / documents and our professional translators can start translating as soon as you have confirmed your order online. The translation of your passport will be officially certified and stamped and a hard copy sent to you in the mail. Linguation will also provide you with an electronic copy of your translated passport for your records, although please note that this copy will not be officially recognised by authorities and institutions. Linguation offers a large number of language combinations. Contact us online today with all your certified passport translation requirements.

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