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Just as with scientific translations, technical translations also require the expertise of a specialist with the knowledge of the technical industry. A technical translation is the specialized translation of documents and texts which interprets the applicability of scientific and technological information. These documents include, but is not limited to, user guides, patents, technical manuals, CE documentation, MOT, and ISO certifications. Due to the specialized nature of technical translations, they too require the expertise of an experienced translator with the knowledge of the industry, and the mastery of relevant terminology and writing conventions. At Linguation we employ qualified translators who are familiar with technical concepts and terminology. Through our extensive network of translators, we can offer translations in the languages of your choice, and always provide a high-quality translation service.

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Finding a well-established translation service provider for technical translations can be a difficult task. At Linguation, we understand the importance of technical information and its impact on industries and consumers alike. Trust in our experts to accurately translate your technical content. We will assign a specialist with an in-depth knowledge of the technical industry to oversee the process of your translation. They will ensure that all specific terminology is correctly translated to convey the same information of the original document. We are dedicated to processing your enquiry in a proficient manner, and will always guarantee the delivery of your translation on the date of your choice. Our extensive network of native speakers can translate any document into a wide variety of languages; paying close attention to correct terminology and technical concepts. As a professional online translation agency, Linguation will tailor all your translations to suit individual requirements and provide the highest quality service.

Affordable prices for a variety of technical translations

At Linguation, you will find that we offer an extensive range of services. Our expertise in technical translation services cover a variety of areas including mining, construction, energy, logistics and automotive industries. In addition, we offer the translation of activity reports, user manuals, test reports, and many more. For other technical translations, you can simply upload your document onto our online platform or enquire of the specific translation you require. We will be happy to send you a personalized quote and a guaranteed delivery date. You can be reassured that our qualified specialist translators will ensure the fast and reliable delivery of your translation across various languages. Whether you require German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic or Turkish, we can provide the language you require.

FAQ Technical Translations

Technical translations refer to translation services in the area of logistics, construction, mining, and energy industries. They are considered specialized translations for the field of technics.

Linguation is responsible for translating catalogs, CE documentation, MOT, ISO certifications, training manuals, and many more. You can be reassured that our coverage of services will always accommodate the technical translation service you require.

A technical translation requires the expertise of an experienced translator with an understanding of the specific industry, as well as, a profound knowledge of relevant terminology. Only a qualified translator with the experience in technical concepts will be assigned to translate your technical document.

You will find that our prices are calculated based on the type of technical translations you require. You can simply upload the document onto our online platform and receive a personalized quote for your translation service.

Linguation expert translation will ensure that your translations are suited to meet the requirements of every customer. They will pay close attention to the use of correct terminology and its associated technical concepts.

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