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Hungary is situated in Central Europe. The capital, Budapest, is located on the River Danube and the city is a popular destination for city breaks boasting spas, fine architecture and the classical composers Bartok and Liszt. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and is a recognized minority language in the neighboring countries of Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, and Ukraine. There are 13 million native speakers of Hungarian, an official language of the European Union. Linguation offers high-quality Hungarian translation services. As Hungarian is not a common choice for second language acquisition to degree level, translators are not always easy to find. This is even more the case if you need a certified or sworn translation. For your convenience, Linguation has a pool of Hungarian translators with various language combinations. Allow us to take the strain in finding an appropriate linguist to meet your needs.

Availability of skilled translators with relevant expertise

You can rely on Linguation to allocate a highly skilled professional to meet your translation requirement. Contact us whatever the language combination. If you need a translation into Hungarian, we will assign a native speaker. If you need a translation from Hungarian into another language, we will assign a linguist who is highly proficient in Hungarian, but a native speaker of the target language required. This way Linguation ensures that your translation is accurate and natural to the target audience. Moreover, Linguation guarantees to match your translation order to a translator with the appropriate industry or academic background. For example, a legal document would be allocated to a professional with legal knowledge of both the Hungarian and target language culture. This way you are assured a completed translation with sector specific terminology.

Certified and urgent Hungarian translation

Thanks to Linguation’s innovative online system, you can request your Hungarian translation service requirements 24/7. You can contact us with all your certified Hungarian translation needs. Linguation has a team of translators approved to provide certified translations in a few language combinations. We can also provide urgent Hungarian translation. By deploying our team of translators, we can meet even the tightest turnaround. Linguation’s Hungarian translation service also offers localization of your marketing documents, such as advertisements and websites. Our experienced translators will ensure that your marketing documents have a local feel.

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