Many reasons to get a translation of your doctoral thesis

There are many reasons you may need to get a translation of your doctoral thesis, often called a PhD thesis. You may be applying for a post-doctoral fellowship at a foreign university and need to provide your doctoral or PhD thesis in the language of the university. You may be involved in cross-country research collaboration and require a translation of your doctoral thesis to share. It could be you would like your research to be available to a wider audience and would benefit from a translation of your doctoral thesis in a more widely used language, such as English, allowing more scholars to access your work. You might need to get your doctoral thesis to be translated for book or journal publication purposes. Whatever the reason, Linguation can provide high-quality translation of your doctoral or PhD thesis.

Accurate, specialist translation of your doctoral thesis

Your doctoral thesis would have taken a considerable amount of hard work and careful consideration on your part. At Linguation we recognise the time and effort that went into your doctoral thesis and we will ensure that we provide you with a translation of your doctoral thesis that is accurate and translated to the highest academic level. We know that your doctoral / PhD thesis will concern itself with complex topics and concepts. For this reason, Linguation will assign a qualified translator with subject expertise in the relevant field of your doctoral thesis. We have a team of translators globally who we can choose from to ensure that your allocated translator is able to operate at the required academic level in the necessary academic area.

Linguation will provide a consistent and reliable translation

Your doctoral thesis is likely to be a lengthy document. This is not a problem. Regardless of length, you can simply upload your doctoral thesis to Linguation’s safe and secure online system and you will be provided with an instant quote. Once you confirm your order, we will allocate the most appropriate native speaker to the translation of your doctoral / PhD thesis, taking into account the translator’s qualifications and subject specialism. If you wish to provide a glossary, perhaps for newly introduced terms or for uncommon specialized field-specific words, that is not a problem. Simply let us know prior to the start of the translation and we can arrange this. Moreover, you can track the status of your doctoral / PhD thesis translation throughout the process for your peace of mind.

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