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For businesses operating in foreign markets, there are numerous marketing documents that need to be translated to encourage potential customers to buy your goods and services, including advertisements, posters, slogans, catalogs and product descriptions. But it does not stop there. To build a loyal customer base and to get customers to repeatedly purchase a product, you need to ensure that you can effectively communicate with your customers via user guides and customer feedback questionnaires etc. It is imperative that your marketing documents are translated to suit the appropriate target audience. A purely linguistic rendering is not enough. Linguation’ s marketing professionals will ensure that you convey the same original message to your target customers across various language combinations, in a way that is familiar to them. Our linguists are aware of the cultural differences that exist throughout different countries. To combat the challenge associated with translating documents as accurately as possible, our linguists have developed an expertise in localization as well as transcreation. Whatever your business field, Linguation will have the solution to exceed all of your marketing translation requirements.

Enter new markets with your marketing translation

A marketing translation requires the complex transfer of information. After all, the translated message conveyed to the target group of the new market, should have the same effect as the original advertising text. The translation of marketing texts requires the assistance from an expert with the appropriate experience, and an in-depth knowledge of the industry that goes beyond the scope of linguistics. In order to achieve the desired advertising goal, a classic translation would prove to be insufficient. Advertising translations should be able to promote a positive brand image, and build a lasting relationship with foreign customers. Due to the aforementioned reasons, marketing translations rely on a specific style of language, as well as, the correct choice of words to ensure that the content is understood in any foreign language. Trust in Linguation’s expertise to successfully promote your brand message across various cultures and languages.

Cultural sensitivity in marketing translations

Across various countries, language is one factor that evidently changes, however, there are cultural differences that exist as well. Entering a new market not only means a different language, but also a different system of how a message is interpreted and understood. In many instances, the customary use of humor in advertising campaigns can vary greatly across cultures. Humor must be transferred while bearing cultural sensitivity in mind to suit the specific humor that is appropriate for the target country. Irony is another rhetorical device often utilized by many companies as a part of their advertising strategy. Similarly to humor, it must be understood that irony cannot be translated into all cultural contexts or portray the same corporate image. In such cases, a suitable equivalent must be found taking into account the original advertising concept. There are also translational challenges, such as stylistic devices including specific phrases and alliterations to consider when translating marketing texts. It is crucial that marketing translations are allocated to professional translators that not only have the required language skills, but also essential marketing skills and a cultural awareness of the country in question.

At Linguation we understand that exact word choice in marketing translations make a crucial difference in conveying an accurate company message. Our experts would be more than happy to advise you on individual projects and find the perfect solution for your marketing translation.

FAQ Marketing Translations

Linguation experts are acutely aware of both the cultural and linguistic challenges associated with translating marketing texts. They will work to ensure that your humor, or irony, is accurately translated in any language to receive the desired response from your customers.

Although there are linguistic challenges associated with translating slogans, Linguation will maintain the original meaning of the slogan. You can be reassured that our experts have the linguistic capacity to accurately and impactfully translate your marketing slogan.

The experts at Linguation are always respectful of the time and effort that went into developing your advertisement. We will always maintain the integrity of the strategy and translate the information as accurately as possible.

A marketing translation is to ensure the effective communication with international clients, and build a lasting customer base across seas. It is also keeping in mind, and being respectful of cultural differences. Therefore, all marketing translations will be adapted to suit the language of the customer with cultural sensitivity in mind.

The experts at Linguation have an in-depth knowledge of the marketing industry that often goes beyond the scope of linguistics. They understand the specific terminology, and strategies used in the industry. They will effectively implement your marketing concepts and use it to promote your brand worldwide.

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