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Common Marketing Documents

The area of marketing covers a large variety of media and text formats with which the potential clientele is addressed or informed, and which need to be translated individually.

Professional marketing translation for your businesses

For businesses operating in foreign markets, there are numerous marketing documents that will need to be translated to encourage your potential customers to buy your goods and services, including advertisements, posters, slogans, catalogs and product descriptions. But it does not stop there. To build customer loyalty and to get customers to repeat buy your product, you will need to ensure that you communicate well with your customers via your user guides and customer feedback questionnaires etc. It essential that your marketing documents are translated to suit the appropriate target audience. A purely linguistic rendering is not enough. Linguation’ s marketing professionals can make sure that you communicate the original message to your target country customers in a way familiar to them. Our linguists have first-hand knowledge of the target culture and are experts in localization and transcreation. Whatever your business field, contact Linguation with all your marketing translation requirements.

Enter new markets with your marketing translation

A marketing translation requires the complex transfer of information. After all, the translated message conveyed to the target group of the new market should have the same effect as the original advertising text. The translation of marketing texts therefore requires a lot of experience and knowledge that goes beyond the purely linguistic. In order to achieve the desired advertising goal, a translation in the classical sense is usually not sufficient here. After all, the translated advertising message should establish a positive relationship and build confidence with the foreign customer through good language style and correct language usage. In the case of marketing translations, the texts must be translated using a certain style of language and a precise choice of words so that the brand message and corporate culture are also clearly recognizable in the foreign language.

Cultural sensitivity in marketing translations

From country to country, not only the language changes, but also the cultural environment. Entering a new market not only means a different language, but also a different system of meaning. For example, the customary use of courtesy in advertising may vary. But even more difficult aspects, such as a specific kind of humor, must be transmitted bearing in mind cultural sensitivity. Some advertising strategies, for example the use of irony, cannot be translated into all cultural contexts or portray the same corporate image. In such cases, a suitable equivalent must be found taking into account the original advertising concept. The translation of some stylistic devices into marketing texts, such as certain phrases or alliterations, is a translational challenge. It is therefore vital for marketing translations that the responsible translators not only have the required language skills, but also essential marketing skills and cultural awareness of the society in question.

Often, the exact word choice in marketing makes the crucial difference. Linguation will be pleased to advise you on your individual project and find the perfect solution for your marketing translation.

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