Understanding the requirements for medical record translations

A medical record is a comprehensive document that provides the details of a patient’s medical history. It entails diagnostic test results, clinical examinations, information on the administration of drugs or therapy, pre-and-postoperative surgical history, and the use of prescribed medication. Oftentimes a medical record is the best tool for doctors to gain an insight into the health condition of a patient, especially in a foreign setting. With such an abundance of complex information regarding the state of your health, a proper and accurate translation of all terminology becomes a necessity. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, professionals with a proven track record of translating medical texts, have an in-depth understanding of the specifications required for medical documents. Your medical records will receive a comprehensive translation that will maintain the original context of your medical history.

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In many instances, moving abroad involves translating numerous legal, financial, and medical texts to adjust to a new life in a country. Among these, a medical record will provide a comprehensive history of your health, and will serve as the main tool of communication with foreign medical professionals. Specialists at Lingation Online translation agency are adept in the field of medicine and health, to expertly translate your complex medical text. Our top priority will be given to translating your document, and we will assign a personal linguist to oversee the process of your translation. They will ensure that all medical terminology be an accurate and true representation of the context originally stated in the source document. Additionally, all translations will be formatted to adhere to the requirements set by the country or audience to which it is intended for. With Linguation, you will receive an utmost accurate translation of your medical records which can be used towards international purposes.

Our quality assurance system will adhere to a strict level of confidentially

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the sensitive nature of documents regarding the state of your health. As such, all translation services offered at Linguation will ensure the protection of personal data to preserve your anonymity. A dedicated team of specialists in your designated field will follow the requirements of your target audience. Furthermore, our two-step quality assurance check will evaluate the draft text for errors or mistranslations that may arise during the translation process. The final result will be a precise translation that accurately reflects the context of the original document. With an extensive network of languages and native speakers available, you can be assured that all your translation needs will be met. We are dedicated to delivering a professional translation that suits your intended purpose, and will always be available to answer all your concerns.

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