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All pharmaceutical products have to meet stringent government and industry regulations before they can be made available for use. The research and development stage involves rigorous testing that can take years and which requires dissemination of research results and reports for peer review and approval. This dissemination across countries requires the translation of pharmaceutical papers and clinical studies into the working language of the relevant regulating bodies. Linguation provides the quality translation of pharmaceutical academic papers and research reports in various language combinations.

Linguation will allocate the most appropriate pharmaceutical translator from our team of professionals to your translation.

Linguation appreciates that the translation of specialist pharmaceutical academic papers and reports requires a linguist with the relevant pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise. There is no room for ambiguity or mistranslation when it comes to documents regarding medicinal drugs. We will allocate a native speaker from our global team of specialist pharmaceutical translators. Our specialists have up-to-date knowledge of the current pharmaceutical terminology and concepts. This way you can be assured of a top-quality translation of your pharmaceutical academic papers and reports in the appropriate target language. Moreover, a second professional will quality assure your translation and check for inconsistencies and inaccuracies and ensure that it adheres to the target language expectations for academic research papers. Only after we are completely happy with the translation quality will we deliver your translated pharmaceutical academic paper to you.

Linguation guarantees confidentiality

Linguation is aware of the vast amount of time and money that goes into the research and development of pharmaceutical products and accepts totally the importance of confidentiality. You can upload your pharmaceutical document securely via our online system and can be assured of total confidentiality throughout the translation and quality assurance process. Linguation also prides itself on its reliability. When you place your translation order via our online platform, we will provide you with a delivery date for your translated document. You can rely on Linguation to deliver by the agreed delivery date, if not before. We are also able to provide urgent or fast translation of your pharmaceutical academic papers. Please contact us with your particular urgent translation requirements.

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