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As countries continue to roll out vaccines following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for clinical trials have increased significantly. The research is typically conducted on human participants who will receive an intervention treatment such as a vaccine, drug, or medical device, followed by an evaluation of their biomedical or behavioural effects from the prescribed intervention. The aim of a clinical trial is designed to generate data on the safety and efficacy of the treatment. It is important to understand that a clinical trial can only proceed after it has received the approval from an authorized ethics and health committee of the respective country seeking the type of treatment. Linguation Online Translation Agency recognizes the growing concern for clinical trial translations, and have allocated specialized services dedicated to the adaptation of clinical research and study reports widely used in the discipline.

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Researchers will utilize several different types of documents throughout the course of a clinical trial study. Documents such as brochures, consent forms, protocols, and reports are essential to ensuring the controlled progress of the research. The medical experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency are capable of handling the translation of materials utilized towards clinical trial studies. Our experts have the appropriate knowledge of the field, and are familiar with the language often used in research papers. They will work to effectively communicate the contents of any clinical trial document into any number of desired language combinations. Our experts will be responsible for finding an equivalent term for all specific terminology stated in the source document, in a way that maintains the same meaning in the language of the target audience. They will work within the pre-determined requirements set by each respective industry and jurisdiction to which the document will be submitted towards. Adherence to these measures will ensure that our client can successfully verify the results of their clinical trial study with their audience.

Individualized services that reflect the needs of every client

The network of professionals at Linguation Online Translation Agency are aware of the differences that exist in every document. For these reasons, our experts will apply a separate individualized assessment for all documents undergoing a translation service. The assessment will determine a fair evaluation of prices and services tailored to reflect the specifications of every document. This will include identifying the overall length of the text, its specific set of industry requirements, and the desired language combinations required for the translation. Through this assessment, our experts will customize the service for our clients and certify that the translation fulfills its intended purpose. Clients can always rely on Linguation’s dedicated staff for the professional adaptation of all documents.

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