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A residence permit, also known as a residency permit, is an official document or card issued by a government which grants a foreigner the permission to reside in a country for a specified amount of time. The criteria on which a residence permit is issued will be dependent on several factors that include the foreigner’s national background, or reasons for the stay. Furthermore, the length of stay can vary greatly depending on the reasons or situation for the particular foreigner. The experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency will offer their expertise in the translation of legal texts utilized for any endeavour. They will conduct every service with the utmost professionalism and ensure the precise adaptation of the content stated in a residence permit.

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Clients that require an official translation of documents or certificates used in the legal industry can always rely on Linguation Online Translation Agency to deliver translations in a clear and concise manner. We will assign a suitable team of experts with the knowledge and experience in the legal field to perform the translation service. Our experts have a full understanding of the requirements set by the local jurisdiction to which the document will be used towards. This will ensure that the translation is tailored to the specifications of the industry and is rendered fit for its intended purpose. Above all else, our experts will work to precisely adapt the contents of the residence permit, and certify that it is successful in effectively communicating the desired message towards the target audience.

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The commitment to quality and providing a professional level of service for clients is the number one priority at Linguation Online Translation Agency. Our experts are dedicated to delivering services that are tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. Our experts fully understand the unique nature of every document, and will provide an individualized calculation for every service. Furthermore, they will apply Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system to verify that the final translation is suitable for use by the client. The process will work to correct all errors still present in the text, revise all ambiguous statements that are inconsistent with the original message, and verify that the contents of the translation is an accurate portrayal of the source document. Only upon the successful completion of this process will our experts deliver the translation to the promised date.

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