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An unmarried certificate, also known as a single status certificate, serves as an official document that states an individual’s present marital status. Several jurisdictions will often ask a foreigner to produce an unmarried certificate to formalize a marriage registration process. The document will confirm the emigrant’s marital status and determine if they are indeed eligible to marry their future spouse. It is important to note that, an unmarried certificate must be authenticated by a notary public, and receive an Apostille stamp to be considered acceptable for use by the respective country’s jurisdiction. Linguation Online Translation Agency is committed to supporting their clients in the translation of official certificates. We will assign a certified translator to facilitate the translation process and ensure that it is adapted with regards to the requirements of every jurisdiction.

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In most cases, a certificate can be utilized in a number of different fields. However, translating the information stated on a certificate often requires the assistance of a certified translator. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, certified experts with the experience in numerous industries can offer their support in the translation of certificates. They will ensure that key ideas and important statements are precisely adapted according to the requirements of the jurisdiction to which the document will be submitted. This will certify that the document is rendered acceptable for use within its respective industry. The experts will make certain that the correct message or meaning of the source document is maintained in the language of the target audience. All of our certified experts have the appropriate qualifications to carry out the translation of certificates and will ensure its successful outcome in every industry.

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Linguation Online Translation Agency understands that no two documents are alike, and so prices and services must reflect the individual needs of every document. Through our intuitive online price calculator, clients will receive a quote that is personalized to the needs of their document. The quote will be determined based on the length of the text, the overall difficulty, its industry requirements, and the desired target language. Clients can rely on Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system to ensure the consistent level of quality throughout all types of translations. The process verifies that the final translation is free of errors and that it conveys the same message that was originally stated on the source document. As an added measure, it will ensure that the translation adheres to the correct requirements of its industry, so that it is rendered useful towards its intended purpose. Linguation will always provide an excellent level of service that caters to the individual needs of their clients.

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