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Documents utilized by official authorities require an official translation service to ensure that its contents are adapted by certified experts. An official translation, also known as a certified translation, is the legally valid translation of official documents performed by sworn translators. Documents such as birth or marriage certificates, contracts, and various other documentation must be certified as true and legal for submission to a body of authority. Official documents will not be recognized as valid without undergoing a proper certified translation service. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, qualified translators will be responsible for the translation of official documents. All of our sworn translators have the correct certification and authority to issue a precise translation of documents to be used by your local authority.

Sworn translators with the authority to facilitate the translation of official documents

The translation of official documents is a complex matter that requires a sworn expert with the knowledge of the local jurisdiction, as well as, its associated set of strenuous translation requirements. Linguation Online Translation Agency experts have the qualifications and authority to facilitate the official translation of complex documents. Our sworn experts are aware of the legal ramifications that can arise as a result of a poor or ilegitimate translation service. They will take every precautionary measure to ensure that your document is suitable for use by the local authority. Our expert will identify all important terminology and key statements that have a significant impact on the overall context of the document, to communicate the desired message to the target audience. They will assess the document for all necessary stamps and apostilles, to certify that the contents of the document are true and valid. Linguation experts will always carry out the translation service with the utmost professionalism and ensure that the overall message of the document remains consistent with the source material.

Numerous language options that can cater to clients from all linguistic backgrounds

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, an extensive network of languages and native speakers are available to support clients with all their translations needs. Our experts are aware of the cultural and linguistic challenges associated with languages, and will always find a solution that conveys a message that is consistent with the source document. They understand that not all sentences or specific statements can be transferred from one language to another. For these reasons, our experts will rely on utilizing the correct grammatical structure and conventions in writing that are familiar to the target audience, and deliver a message that maintains the same meaning as the source document. Linguation is proud to service translations in both minority and majority languages to support clients from varying linguistic backgrounds.

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