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A marriage act document is a piece of legislation that states the legal capacity for marriage. It many cases, the document will be legalized by a court which will permit the act of marriage across a specified country, state, or province. It is important to understand that different countries will carry separate legislative laws regarding a marriage act. For these reasons, the translation of marriage act documents must be handled by a professional at Linguation Online Translation Agency. Our experts have a profound knowledge of the local jurisdiction and the legal legislation that is specific to every country. They will work to carry out a professional and accurate translation of the client’s marriage act document.

Understanding the requirements of a marriage act translation

Official documents used to fulfill a legal purpose must be performed by a sworn translator. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand that a sworn translator is considered a requirement when adapting the contents of a complex legal text. The team of experts assigned to perform the translation of a client’s marriage act will possess the necessary experience and knowledge of the field to generate a precise translation of the legal jargon used in the industry. They will be responsible for assessing the source document for specific terminology and key concepts, in an effort to find an equivalent term that holds the same meaning in the language of the target audience. Above of all else, our experts will adhere to the requirements set by the specified legislature when formatting the translation, and ensure its success in fulfilling its intended purpose.

Quality translation services individualized for every document

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand that no two documents are alike and that they must be evaluated separately to address its individual concerns. Our dedicated staff will provide an individual assessment of the given document and identify which industry it belongs to, so as to assign the appropriate team of experts to facilitate the translation process. Once the final document has been prepared by the respective management team, our experts will implement a mandatory two-step quality assurance system to the translation. This final editing measure will correct all minor mistakes, revise ambiguous statements, and verify that it conveys a message that is consistent with the source text. Only upon the successful completion of this process will the translation be delivered to the client, and support them in all their endeavours.

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