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A testament, or will as it often called, is a document in which a person stipulates what should be done with his or her money and property in the event of his or her death. A testament is an important legal document. For this reason, any translation of a testament or will needs to be true to the original and without ambiguity. Linguation has a team of translators experienced in the translation of testaments and wills in a vast number of language combinations. If you are looking for a translation of your testament or will, Linguation can provide an easy, accurate and competitively priced service.

Linguation offers certified translation of your testament or will

For the translation of a testament or will to be legally recognized, a certified or sworn translation is often required. That is, the translator needs to have the authority to declare that the translated testament is accurate and true to the original. Linguation has a team of certified translators in numerous language combinations. Once translated, you will receive a stamped and certified hard copy of your translated testament by mail to the delivery address provided. Furthermore, at Linguation we appreciate the personal nature of your testament and you can be assured that your testament will be treated with the upmost confidentiality throughout the translation and quality assurance process.

Linguation offers an easy and straightforward online translation service

Linguation’s online system could not be simpler. Just upload your testament via our secure online system to receive an immediate quote. We do not need to have the original document; a good quality scan of your testament should suffice. Our online system offers a number of secure payment options. Once you confirm your order, we will select the most appropriate native-speaking translator for your testament translation. Should you require an urgent translation, contact us with your deadline requirement. Thanks to our large global team of translators we are able to offer fast translation options at competitive prices. Moreover, our translation service is available around the clock. Contact us online today and benefit from Linguation’s high quality and reliable translation services at reasonable prices.

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