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Individuals planning to relocate to another country must be prepared to have their personal certificates and several other documents translated into the language of the predetermined country. All information that pertains to the individual must be presented to the local immigration authority upon entering the country. Because the process of immigration is rather strenuous, a professional translator with the knowledge of the requirements and regulations of the respective country is required to perform the translation service. Linguation Online Translation Agency is always available to support immigrants, emigrants, and expats with the translation of documents required to permanently settle in a foreign country. Our network of sworn translators have all exceeded the qualifications and requirements necessary to be eligible to perform the certified translation of immigration documents.

Sworn translators with an understanding of all country-specific regulations

It is important to understand that immigration authorities around the world will only accept the certified translation of official documents. Certificates such as a driver’s license, passport, and certificate of nationality are required when applying for a visa process, or officially registering oneself to a local authority. Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to delivering the certified translation of immigration documents for various purposes. Our sworn translators will conduct every service with diligence and professionalism throughout the translation process. They will ensure that the client’s time and efforts are not wasted, and work to provide the utmost accurate translation that will ensure the successful outcome for our clients. Most importantly, our experts will certify that every translation is suited to the requirements of the local jurisdiction and the specific regulations set by the intended country. They will verify that the translation bears the appropriate seals, stamps, and notarizations necessary to authenticate the validity of the information stated in the document.

Total confidentiality maintained throughout the translation service

Privacy and security are key to performing the certified translation of various official documents. Oftentimes, revealing information regarding a client can be exposed if not handled carefully throughout the duration of a translation service. To combat such situations from arising, Linguation Online Translation Agency requires its experts to abide by a strict confidentiality agreement that will maintain the privacy of the client throughout the translation service. Access to the client’s document will only be released to the team of experts responsible for the service. Contact information detailing the members of the team will be provided to the client, in case an urgent issue should arise. Furthermore, the client will always have access to review the progress of their translation through Linguation’s intuitive online platform. We are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of the client through any means possible.

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