Localization in website translations

When it comes to translating websites, localization is key for accurately translating the website content into another language. Localization refers to the process of adapting a language to suit a specific culture and market. Your website is usually the first impression your potential customers will have in regards to your business. It is the metaphorical shop window into the digital world. At Linguation, we understand that it is crucial for a website to take into account of the cultural and linguistic differences in the translation of a website.

Only with this understanding can the content be represented clearly and appeal to the local user. Nowadays, it is through your website that a customer can browse what you have to offer, search for products and price information, place an order, make a payment and request follow up services. Your website is how you communicate and sell your brand to your clients. Linguation will never compromise the quality of your website translations and will always ensure that the content remains consistent with your brand identity. We will offer our support with all of your website translation needs, whatever the language requirement.

FAQ Website Translations

The experts at Linguation are adept in the field of marketing and technology to ensure that all translations are suited for your desired target audience. We will ensure that it maintains the same appealing features in any language of your choice.

At Linguation, only an expert with the experience and knowledge in your field will be assigned to evaluate your translation. They will ensure that you are kept up-to-date and are satisfied with the translation before the final assessment.

Localization is the process of adapting a language to suit the specific culture or market. It will ensure that your target audience will fully accept and understand the message you are trying to convey in a way that is respectful of their culture.

Linguation will utilize our localization services to ensure that your brand message is adapted to suit the language of your international client. Our experts are fully aware of cultural differences prevalent across countries, and will adapt your translation accordingly.

The experts at Linguation are more than qualified to translate various texts while keeping in mind of the cultural and technical challenges associated with website translations. They will ensure the optimization of your website and ensure that your content is displayed on the correct web page. Furthermore, they will ensure that your website is easily accessible, so that your international clients can navigate through your website.

Technicalities of website translations

A professional translator will always take into account the cultural and linguistic challenges associated with website translations. However, there are also certain technicalities to consider as well. At Linguation, our professionals are skilled in the technicalities of website optimization. They will be involved throughout the website translation process to ensure that your content is placed on the correct web page. This is essential to make sure that your customers can effectively and easily navigate your website. Furthermore, all the content stated on your website will be translated with your target audience in mind. The finalized webpage will only be published after our professionals have quality assured that every content is placed correctly and completely.

Languages for website translation

Websites are a useful tool for companies to promote their brand and is usually available for a variety of audiences in different countries around the world. For this reason, businesses will often utilize multiple languages to convey a message to their diverse client base. Moreover, having an English language option on a website will make it more accessible to a world audience. However, it is equally important to communicate with your potential customers in their own language and in a way that feels familiar to them. Linguation offers both linguistic and cultural expertise in numerous languages, including international languages such as German, Russian, Spanish and French to an extensive range of minority languages.

Professional service for the translation of your website

The translation of web texts is a specialized field that often requires professionalism and knowledge about the correct construction of web pages. Linguation offers localization services for the precise translation of your website. Whether you are an individual or an institution, we will only offer the best exceptional service to cater to your needs. We understand the importance of accuracy in website translations and will always ensure that it is suited to appeal to a larger clientele. You can rely on Linguation to deliver your translation quickly and efficiently so as to increase your business’ turnover. With the help from our intuitive online platform, you can order your translation at any time 24/7 and benefit from our network of widely specialized and well-trained translators.

The right address for your website translation

Linguation offers a professional translation service for your website. We pay close attention to SEO harmonization and through our content management know-how we can provide a top-ranking search in various search engines. Our specialists will work with trained content writers to successfully optimize your website translation. With just one click, you can order a professional website translation that is specifically tailored for your target group. Our expert team of trained translators will always guarantee you a professional service.

At Linguation, we rely a combination of two different translation methods for your website. We handle translation management as well as, content management. Your website can also be translated directly by our translation experts in your CMS system such as TYPO3, Magento or WordPress. Moreover, our translators have the expertise and know-how in SEO and SEM. In addition, we also meet requirements that go beyond this expertise. For example, if you are unsure of the audience you're focusing on, our team of content writers will be happy to do a target group analysis for you.

Professional translation and software cooperation

No matter where in the world you are and no matter the type of service you require, we, as a professional translation agency can take care of your website translation. Regardless of the language - whether it be English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic or Turkish - we will be happy to take care of your translation needs. With our extensive network of native speakers and languages alike, you can relieve the stress associated with searching for a professional translator. As an established online translation service provider, you can place an order with us 24/7 and we will always provide you with high-quality content that fulfils all your translation wishes.

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