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The widespread prevalence of smartphones has contributed to the rise in popularity of mobile game applications. A mobile game is a video game that has been designed to operate on a portable media device that include smartphones, tablets, and various other compatible electronic devices. With the availability of multiple genres ranging from MMORPGs to puzzles, there are numerous health benefits to playing mobile games. Contrary to popular belief, they serve to increase productivity and concentration, boost mental strength, and significantly improve one’s mood. Linguation Online Translation Agency recognizes the impact mobiles games have on reducing the stress associated with daily life. Our experts will be happy to support the gaming industry with the professional localization of mobile games into numerous language combinations.

Industry experts with the comprehensive knowledge of conducting mobile game localizations

In a competitive field such as the gaming industry, companies are given the opportunity to expand their market reach and promote their products to audiences from around the world. They must be prepared to offer their game in multiple language variations to reach and cater to the diverse clientele of users. Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to supporting clients with the localization of game content that will successfully promote their business in the respective market. We will assign a team of experts with the relevant experience in the gaming industry to conduct the localization project. They will work with the client to identify the key demographic, and find a translation solution that accurately adapts the texts used in the game to leave a positive impact on the local user, and increase the future sale of your game. Our experts will always work within the guidelines and regulations set by the industry, and ensure that the localization is successful in building a lasting connection with the target audience.

Culturally specific localizations from the linguistic experts at Linguation

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, all localization services will be performed by the experts with a linguistic and cultural understanding of the desired target language. They will utilize the correct grammatical structure and conventions in writing commonly used in the language to convey the desired message to its audience. Our experts understand that specific words and statements that may not be successful in another language, therefore, they will work to find an equivalent way to convey the message that is familiar to the audience. This will ensure the effective communication with the local user, and guarantee the success of the localization project.

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