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At Linguation we are fully aware that it is often not enough to just provide a translation that is linguistically true and accurate. Even between countries with a common official language, cultural norms, traditions and taboos differ. Therefore, localization of a translation is key. It is important that a translator is aware of cultural expectations and ensures that any completed translation feels comfortable and natural to the target audience. For this reason, Linguation always allocates a native-speaker of the target language and culture to your translation. Linguation professionals will adapt your translation where needed to give it that all-important natural local feel.

Linguation can optimize your advertising campaigns and website through specialist localization

Localization is particularly important with advertisements and websites. If you are operating in another culture, you will need to translate these important marketing documents for your target audience. Puns and wordplays may not work in direct translation and the translator will need to find an alternative that transfers the key message in a way that feels familiar to the target audience. Humour also varies culturally and may also inadvertently cause offence. Certain colours, images and styles may be taboo in some cultures. At Linguation, our professionals use in-depth and current knowledge of the target culture to make sure that your website or advertisement is localized to meet the relevant target audience in the optimal way. Linguation will make sure that your marketing message is local in character.

Linguation offers specialist localization in a vast number of sectors

Linguation can support you with your multinational business needs. If your firm operates in foreign markets you will need to engage with the foreign cultures. As well as advertising and website translation, you may need to translate many other documents, including your product user guide or manual. Depending on your product, this may require a particular technical, legal or medical knowledge. We will assign a highly proficient linguist with the relevant sector specific knowledge to your document. This way Linguation guarantees professional and specialist localization of your translation. Even relatively standard personal documents, such as ID cards, might require slight adaptation to meet the cultural expectations. For example, resumes differ in layout and content between cultures and our translators will make sure your document is localized for your target audience.

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