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A reference letter, also known as a letter of recommendation, is intended to advocate an individual based on their characteristics, qualifications, and capabilities in performing a specific task. They are typically used in circumstances that involve employment, admission to higher education institutions, or for awarding scholarships. Companies and other establishments will often rely on a reference letter to get a better understanding of the prospective candidate through the referee’s statements. Oftentimes, referees can provide a true description of their experience with the individual, and confirm that they are indeed suitable for the specific role. Linguation Online Translation Agency is happy to support their clients in the translation of reference letters for all endeavours. We understand the impact a reference letter can have on a prospective establishment, and will always represent the client in the utmost professional manner.

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The content of a reference letter is often written with a specific purpose in mind, and it is important to take the document’s intended audience into consideration. The experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency will work with their clients to produce a translation that will maintain the same impact as the source document. Our experts have the relevant experience in handling letters from various industries, and will apply the appropriate requirement measures for every translation. They understand that every reference letter has a specific goal, and will ensure that the key elements stated in a text is precisely adapted for its audience. They will be sure to include specific key words or statements, which will guarantee that the translation always retains the same meaning as the source text. Linguation will certify that the translation adheres to the requirements of its field, and is acceptable for use within its industry.

Availability of multiple language options for every translation

At Linguation Online Translation Agency, a large selection of minority and majority languages are available to support clients with all their translation needs. Our linguistic experts have a profound understanding of the cultural differences that exist in every language, and will adapt the given text with the target audience in mind. They will always ensure that the translation is an accurate reflection of the source document, that retains the same message and impact across various language combinations. Our experts understand that every language has its limits, and that not all statements or words are directly transferable. When such situations arise, they will work to find a similar translation that will match the overall message of the source text. They will utilize the appropriate grammatical structure and conventions in writing to convey the desired message in a way that is familiar with the target audience. Linguation will always find a translation solution that will exceed the expectations of our clients.

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