Three stages for translation quality

Regardless of length and content of the translation, we go through a three-stage quality control process. As a result we make sure our clients benefit quickly from high-quality translation.

  • 1. Assignment of a translator

    Once your document has been reviewed and assigned to a subject area, we will allocate a translator, depending on the field, to produce a high-quality translation. Depending on the nature of your text, we will choose a suitable translator with at least two years of experience to working on your document.

  • 2. Quality control

    After the translation of your document is complete, we will work with an independent language expert on the first translation. Any errors are corrected, and the overall quality of the translation is checked. This editing allows us to ensure that your translation is consistent and correct regarding choice of terminology and text style and checks for grammar and typing errors.

  • 3. Final reading

    In the final reading, we check the consistency of the source text with the translated text and make sure that it matches the appropriate audience for consistency and visual appeal. After optimizing your document in this way, we will provide you with the translation of your document.

Translator allocation
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Document content
Quality assurance
  • Language compatibility
  • Text comparison
  • Consistency of terms
Final reading
  • Consistency
  • Spelling
  • Formatting corrections
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