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A transcription service should not to be mistaken for a translation, as it describes the process of adapting the contents of a spoken language, or any other medium such as sign language, into a written format. Transcripts serve to provide a word-for-word account of the utterances spoken by an individual into a legible, printed context. They are widely utilized in the field of academics and often serve as an official document that provides proof of one’s academic achievements. Transcripts are especially important in legal proceedings, as they provide a written record of the litigation from lawyers and the judge during a court hearing. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, an extensive network of professionals is available to support clients with all their transcription needs. Their expertise can expand into various areas outside of academia and is not limited to one particular field.

Rely on the expertise of transcription specialists for the utmost accurate adaptation of your content

The experts at Linguation Online Translation Agency have built a history of experience in performing transcription services for clients of all disciplines. All of our experts have acquired a level of proficiency that will ensure the utmost accurate adaptation of complex content. Whether it is deciphering the meaning of a sign language or minor language we will assign a suitable team of specialist to carry out the transcription. Our experts will identify all important terminology and key statements from the speech made by an individual, and transcribe its contents in a written format of the desired language. Most importantly, our experts will abide by the set of transcription requirements of the particular industry, and certify that its content are a true and accurate depiction of the source language. This will ensure that the transcription is rendered useful towards fulfilling its intended purpose.

Commitment to securing and protecting the client’s anonymity throughout every Linguation service

Linguation Online Translation agency is dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of quality through our secure and safe online platform. Clients can be reassured that our team of experts will take every measure to protect their personal information throughout the duration of the designated service. Only the team of experts assigned to facilitate the service will have access to the personal information regarding their client. This measure will eliminate the possibility of others gaining insights into the client’s personal details. Furthermore, every service at Linguation will be met with a final two-step quality assurance system that will verify that the translation is: free of errors and ambiguous statements, adheres to the correct requirements of its field, and suitable for use within its industry. This process will guarantee that the translation is an accurate reflection of the source material, and conveys the desired message towards the target audience.

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