The rapid development of Tokyo after the devastation of World War II

Tokyo, formerly known as Edo, is the national capital of Japan. The city was once a small fishing village that rose to prominence after it became the nation’s political center. Even after the devastations left as a result of bombing raids from World War II, the city had managed to re-build its society and expand the nation. Today, Tokyo has become a leading center for business and finance, and houses 36 Fortune Global 500 companies. The capital has been renowned for its technological advancements in society, and is continuously expanding its economic growth. With notable districts such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, Tokyo had become a popular tourist destination whose attractions garners over 15 million international visitors every year.

Tokyo Translation Agency specializes in the translation of document to and from Japanese, as well as various other language combinations.

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Japan has been a developing country for international business and a popular destination for travel. At Japan Translation Agency, clients of all backgrounds can find a translation solution that suits their particular needs. The agency offers an extensive list of languages that are available for the translation of all document types. We will assign a linguistic expert to personally oversee the progress of a client’s translation. They will utilize terms and phrases that are commonly used in the target language, to convey an accurate message towards the audience. Our experts with the relevant industry knowledge will ensure that the translation includes terminology and key concepts, that are crucial to communicating the precise message stated on the source text. The translation will be formatted to adhere to the requirements set by the officials from the respective industries, and ensure the document is fit for its intended purpose.

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At Japan Translation Agency, top priority is given to the translation of documents. All translations must undergo a strict two-step quality assurance system that will check for any mistakes and inconsistent statements. This will ensure that clients receive a translation that is an accurate representation of the original document. Throughout the entire translation process, our experts will preserve a client’s anonymity by protecting their personal data. Furthermore, Japan Translation Agency serves clients with personalized assessment of prices that will reflect the type of service each document will require. Our experts understand that every document is different, so prices and services must reflect the nature of each individual type of document.

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