The special status of Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus and home to approximately 2 million inhabitants. It’s rich culture and history has captivated audiences from around the world, and has made it an ideal travel destination for tourists. The city is often regarded as the administrative center of the Minsk Region and District. It is the current residence of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the seat of the Executive Secretary. After the Russian Revolution, Minsk was once the capital city of the Soviet Union, however, the city has since established its own recognizable identity. Today, it is now considered the eleventh most populous city in Europe.

At Minsk Translation Agency, several dedicated services for the translation of industry-specific documents are offered for their diverse client base. An extensive network of linguistic professionals and language combinations are available for the translation of documents.

Professional assistance from the experts with the relevant industry knowledge

Whether you require a translation from Russian to English, or various other language combinations, Minsk Translation Agency has the experience to facilitate the translation process. Various language options are available to cater to the needs to every client. Our experts have the mastery and linguistic capability of adapting a translation into a number of different languages. They will apply distinct writing conventions that are familar to the target audience, and effectively communicate the desired message as stated on the original document. As an added benefit, Minsk Translation Agency offers a network of industry professionals in the area of medicine, legal, technical, and various others to impart their knowledge of the industry. They will certify that the translation adheres to the correct set of requirements from your designated industry, and ensure that it is rendered useful towards its intended purpose.

Strict regulation of personal information

At Minsk Translation Agency, several steps are taken to ensure the utmost protection and confidentially of your personal information. Only the designated specialists responsible for your translation will have access to your information. Even throughout the two-step quality assurance system, the confidential nature of your document will be maintained by our experts. They will check that the final copy of the translation is free of errors and that it always maintains the same message or meaning as the source content. Furthermore, Minsk Translation Agency is committed to offering competitive prices that reflect the type of service you require. The document to be translated will be assessed for: the overall length, difficulty of the text, the specific industry to which the document belongs to, and the languages required to facilitate the translation. These various factors will help establish a cost that is personalized on the nature of your content.

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