The descent of Old Norse into the evolution of the Swedish language

Similar to many of the other North Germanic languages, Swedish is another example of a language that has been descended down from Old Norse. This language was commonly spoken as a means of communication between the Germanic inhabitants of Scandinavia during the Viking Era. Due to the common lineage of Old Norse, Swedish is mutually intelligible with both Norwegian and Danish. However, the degree to which they are mutually intelligible is dependent on the dialect and accent of the speaker. Today, Swedish is recognized as the official language of Sweden, Finland, Åland Islands, and is among the official languages of the European Union. It is spoken by 10 million native speakers and is considered the most spoken North Germanic language. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers an extensive network of languages and native speakers to facilitate the translation of specialized documents. Our experts have the mastery of the desired target language and will utilize the correct writing conventions to effectively communicate the text to the target audience. Linguation experts have the experience to translate texts of varying degrees of difficulty, and will always convey the same intended message stated on the original document.

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The translation of documents can often vary depending on the requirements of the specific industry. Linguation Online Translation Agency have the experts with industry-specific knowledge in the fields of medicine, legal, technical and various others, to carry out the translation of your document. Only an expert with the knowledge of your industry will be responsible for the translation process. They have a profound knowledge of key concepts, terminology, and understand the strict requirements that is often demanded by industry professionals. In addition to their knowledge of linguistics, they will ensure that the text is accurately translated into the desired target language. Our experts will check that all essentials words and phrases are correct, to ensure that the translation retains the same meaning as the source document. Linguation is committed to delivering a successful translation that is tailored to suit both organizational and personal endeavours.

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At Linguation Online Translation Agency, every service is catered to meet the requirements of the individual and the respective industry. We understand that no two documents are alike, and thus, they cannot be calculated in a similar manner. Our price calculator will evaluate every document based on the level of difficulty, the requirements of the industry, and the desired target language. This method will ensure that the calculation is an accurate reflection of the services required to carry out the translation. Our experts will dedicate their time to maintain the confidential nature of your personal information throughout the two-step quality assurance system. Only the expert responsible for your translation will have access to your document. They will ensure that the translation is free of errors and that it maintains the original meaning stated on the source document. Above all else, the translation will adhere to the requirements of the industry to ensure that it is fit for its intended purpose. Linguation is dedicated to delivering an accurate translation that will assist you on all of your endeavours.

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