The international recognition of the Slovak language

Like many of the other recognized languages within the West Slavic language family, Slovak is an extension of the Czech-Slovak group. Due to its close relation with both Czech and Polish, Slovak is significantly intelligible with these languages. It remains the official language of Slovakia and is among the 24 officially recognized languages of the European Union. Many of the complex system of morphology and vocabulary that exists in the Slovak language, has been derived from the influence of Latin and German, as well as various other Slavic languages. As a result of immigration, there are 5.2 million Slovak speakers scattered around the world including the United States, the Czech Republic, and various other countries. Linguation Online Translation Agency offers an extensive range of languages for the translation of documents into various language combinations. Our experts have an appreciation for every language, and have mastered the linguistic knowledge that goes into the translation process. They will utilize literary device and writing conventions to emphasize specific points stated in the source document

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In any translation, there are several requirements and regulations that must be considered for it to be validated by the officials handling the document. Whether it be for the purpose of business or government issued documents, Linguation Online Translation Agency offers dedicated services tailored to suit the requirements of every discipline. An expert in the field of legal, medical, technical, and various other specializations will be assigned to perform your specific translation. They will bring their knowledge of the industry to support you in achieving all of your desired outcomes. Our experts will assess the original document for key terminologies and concepts that are crucial to conveying a specific message towards the target audience. Using the complied list of important ideas, they will construct a translation that maintains the original message stated in the source document. Most importantly, Linguation experts will adhere to the strict requirements of every industry, to ensure that the translation is successfully approved by the recipients within the industry.

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Linguation Online Translation Agency values every client, and will support their endeavours by tailoring a service that is suited to fit the requirements of the document. The prices for every translation is based on the length of the text, difficulty of the content, the requirements of the industry, and the desired language combination. This will ensure that our clients receive a price that is reflective of the services they require. As an added measure, the finalized copy of the translation will undergo an evaluation through Linguation’s two-step quality assurance system. This process will prevent the occurrence of a poor translation from arising, by correcting all mistakes and ensuring that the document maintains the original message from the source document. Clients can be reassured knowing that Linguation will always deliver a professional translation that will exceed the expectations of every target audience.

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