The influential nature of the Persian language

A once prestigious language used by powerful empires during their reign, Persian has had a significant influence on the development of other languages. Primarily due to its strong grammatical structures and a large vocabulary that, at the time, did not exist for many other languages. The Persian language had the greatest influence over several of its neighboring countries, and it is also what gave rise to modern Urdu! With its roots dating back to the 6th and 4th centuries BC, today Persian is also known as Farsi, and is continued to be spoken by approximately 70 million native speakers. It is a part of the Western Iranian languages and is recognized as the official language in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. At Linguation Online Translation Agency, we understand the individualized complexities that exist in every language. Our network of native speakers all have the linguistical understanding of the vocabulary and grammatical differences that is unique to every language. Even if you require some of the most difficult language translations, such as Hungarian or Finnish, we will allocate the appropriate speaker with the mastery of the language to handle the translation of your documents.

Dedicated experts with the knowledge of specific disciplines

With an overwhelming amount of languages available, there is also a need to offer translation services that cater to the wide variety of specialized disciplines. Linguation Online Translation Agency is dedicated to providing the translation of documents in the fields of legal, marketing, medical, technical, and various others. Depending on the type of document you wish to translate, we will assign a suitable translator with an in-depth knowledge of your respective discipline. Whether it is a legal translation that requires Persian or English, we will find a professional with the expertise of industry specific terminology, as well as, the linguistic capabilities to accurately translate a document. They will check that the translation adheres to the requirements of the field and will ensure that it is tailored to suit your target audience. Linguation’s team of experts are committed to delivering an exceptional translation that will always convey the same intended message as the source document.

Consistent level of quality and maintaining the privacy of personal information

When placing your document with a translation service provider, two of the most important factors to consider is security and confidentiality. With Linguation Online Translation Agency, the maintenance of your personal information is our highest priority. You can securely upload any document onto our online platform and receive a personalized quote that is catered for your specific requirements. Throughout the translation process, only the expert responsible for your translation will have access to your information, thus maintaining the integrity of your personal data. To ensure a consistent level of excellence, we will utilize our two-step quality assurance system. This process will check and correct every mistake that may arise during the translation process, and always adhere to the strict requirements that is specific to every industry. No matter how urgent or how tight a deadline may be, Linguation will never compromise the quality of a translation and always deliver it on time.

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