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The Spanish language is the second most widely spoken first language in the world. There are an estimated 430 plus native-speakers of Spanish worldwide and numerous people learn Spanish as a second language. As well as in Spain, Spanish is the official language of most Central and South American countries. Spanish is one of the six UN official languages and is one of the official languages of the European Union. There are variations in Spanish from country to country, with different dialects. Moreover, there are differing cultural practices and expectations. Linguation can guarantee an English Spanish translation that meets the needs of your Spanish-speaking audience. Linguation has a team of English Spanish translators around the world to meet your English Spanish translation requirements. We will allocate a professional translator who is a Spanish native-speaker of the target country.

English Spanish translation of personal documents

Linguation can meet all your personal English Spanish translation needs. If you are looking to buy or sell property in Spain or another Spanish speaking company, Linguation can help with any translation of property or legal documents. If relocating you are likely to need to get a translation of your personal ID or passport to open a bank account or register with a healthcare professional. As these are official documents, the authorities will require certified translation. Linguation will allocate a certified translator, that is, an approved translator with the authority to carry out a certified English Spanish translation, to ensure that your translated document is recognized by government authorities and courts of law. We do not need sight of the original document. Simply upload a good quality image to our website and after confirmation of your order, your English Spanish translation can begin.

Linguation can meet all your English Spanish business translation needs whatever the sector or document type

With over 430 million native Spanish-speakers worldwide, you need to make sure your business and marketing documents are fit for the target Spanish-speaking audience. You also need to ensure that the Spanish used is the correct form or dialect for your target country. Linguation can meet your English Spanish requirements whatever you business sector and whatever the type of document. Linguation can provide English Spanish translation of your legal, medical, technical, financial and marketing documents, including websites. Linguation will assign your English Spanish translation to an appropriate linguist with the relevant target country knowledge. This way you are guaranteed a correct translation appropriate for the target audience. Marketing documents, advertisements and websites need to be appropriately localized. You can rely on Linguation to assign the most appropriate professional to the task.

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